Tao’s Moonwalkers Review!

CMWI9CHUYAAOpkn.jpg large The website was given the chance to screen Moonwalkers over the weekend and I have to say that it’s pretty brilliant. It’s a film that I think will probably become a cult favorite as it may only appeal to certain people. It never takes itself too seriously and it’s a ridiculously fun ride. While there was at least one scene (at least to me) that may have been a bit too over the top and took away from the film (Kidman’s acid trip), the film is pretty enjoyable if you just let yourself have a bit of fun. The violence is over the top and pretty spectacular for an independent film. The characters are off the wall, but also either pretty lovable or just plain evil.

While it may be no surprise the I found Rupert’s character and scenes some of the best parts, I think most critics would agree he was pretty exceptional. Jonny is a character that you want to root for even when he can be a bit of an ass. He’s the type of character that tries his hand at everything and fails miserably at it. Our first look at Jonny is him trying to manage a band. You know it’s going to be awful, but you can’t wait to see how it turns out. He of course fails the band at their gig and it’s game on from there. This is some of my favorite exchanges involving this character just because he’s too dimwitted to get half of what’s being said to him. “I think it’s time to get another manager,” the lead singer says. “… Why would you want two managers?” Jonny asks. It of course results in the lead singer, Glen, to just stare until Jonny gets his intentions. And while many scenes stuck in my head, another favorite is after Kidman’s acid trip I mentioned earlier. Jonny asks if everyone is giving up and of course they are so stoned they are willing to. Jonny then goes into this speech about how he’s a loser, from the moment he was born – apparently he caused half the hospital wing to burn down – and his father is still convinced he got the wrong child! It’s heartbreaking without being over the top, and it makes you feel for Jonny.

Rupert Grint, of course, has a great chemistry with the leads. Jonny and Kidman have a great back and forth that results in a great friendship at the end. Robbie Sheehan and Rupert continue to have that great friendship from Cherrybomb and it shows in this film. Robbie sort of plays more the comic foil (he’s brilliant as well) to Rupert’s Jonny and it’s really the heart of the film. There are a couple of sequences in the film for Robbie by himself where he’s either laugh out loud funny or maybe a bit over the top (not entirely in a bad way).

moonwalkersstill As I mentioned, Rupert and Ron Perlman, whom I have loved since he played in Beauty and the Beast opposite Linda Hamilton (this is the ’80s version, kids), have a great chemistry and their characters develop a great respect for one another that’s truly genuine. But Ron Perlman by himself, of course, will always be brilliant. Even during the scene of Kidman’s acid trip that I found a bit much, Perlman is amazing and believable. He plays a CIA agent who spent time in Vietnam and the horrors he saw haunt him throughout the film. He’s violent, intimidating, and completely anti-hero, but you still root for him. Especially when he’s kicking bad guy ass and even some good guy ass. Kidman, of course, gets the girl in the end and Jonny and Leon (Sheehan) to boot.

I think Rupert fans will appreciate the film for all the right reasons: the acting, the violence, the comedic aspects. Rupert is absolutely brilliant, and I can’t say that enough. I feel like this may be one of his strongest performances yet. But what’s great, as with many of Rupert’s films, is that it’s got a quality to it that if I saw it without Rupert I think it’d be a great, crazy film to watch. But with Rupert? I’m already obsessed with it. So if you get the chance to purchase it from iTunes, watch it on Netflix, or have to wait until the Blu-ray/DVD is available – do it. It will be worth the money!

But before I close this review out, I mentioned in a tweet about a scene that might get some fangirls and boys going: Should I spoil it? Let me just say this instead; it’s no wonder Rupert was so comfortable walking around onstage in It’s Only A Play with his pants dropped.