Rupert Grint: Into the White gets DVD and Blu-Ray Release date!

May 15th, 2012, 2:03PM– Today we have some news for all of you regarding the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Rupert Grint‘s latest feature film, Into the White. Scanbox Entertainment, which handles the distribution of the film in Norway and internationally, has decided that the film will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 28 2012. As far as we know, this only pertains to the Norwegian release of the film. Additionally, you can pre-order Into the White on DVD here and Blu-Ray here!

We still have no word on what will be featured as the extra material on the DVD or Blu-Ray, but let us know in the comments what you would think perfect as extra material – it is always fun to speculate, and it will help pass the time when we experience these news droughts. 🙂

We do not have any new information regarding international release dates for Into the White yet. But we will of course update you as soon as something new on this front is revealed.

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Rupert Grint: ICM Exclusive – Our Night on the Red Carpet!

Rupert Grint: ICM Exclusive – Our Night on the Red Carpet!March 6th, 2012, 5:20PM– It’s not only Rupert Grint doing all the work in Oslo these days – our ICM girls Karo and Kathy have been very busy in Norway – gathering goodies for you all to enjoy. We are now ready to show you the first batch of videos and pictures from the red carpet at the WORLD PREMIERE of Into the White at Folketeateret in Oslo. Also, we have a few teasers from the press day yesterday!

In the first video you see some of our favourite guys, the Norwegian director Petter Næss and Norwegian actor Stig Henrik Hoff arriving on the red carpet – you can see it here!

The second clip from the red carpet shows the two German actors David Kross and Florian Lukas with the Næss and Hoff – click here to see it!

Click here for the third clip mostly shows the British actor Lachlan Nieboer arriving at the red carpet event

The fourth clip is probably the one you’ve all been waiting for the most as it includes Rupert Grint and you can hear what he has to say to ICM as well as the surrounding journalists. Also, it shows all the actors on the red carpet posing together for pictures.

We also have some pictures from the red carpet event that was taken by the ICM girls – and you can see them all in our gallery by clicking here!

We will have a lot more stuff from yesterday’s press day – but just to keep your interests peaked, you can see a few of our pictures in the gallery! There are pictures from the press conference, the photocall and the introduction leading up to the world premiere itself.

New articles from the Norwegian press has surfaced – you can read them here: Into the White is ready to premiere – SPOILER ALERT! The Harry Potter Effect Like being on the moon Hoping for “Max Manus” potential It helps with alcohol

Filmfest Oslo released their own video from the premiere on Facebook – and you can see it on their profile here!

Rupert Grint and ICM attend Into the White Press Conference!

Rupert Grint and ICM attend Into the White Press Conference!March 5th, 2012, 9:46AM– It’s been a wonderful day in Oslo with the ICM staff attending the Into the White press conference and photocall with Rupert Grint, Florian Lukas, David Kross, Stig Henrik Hoff, Lachlan Nieboer, producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen and director Petter Næss. We will have a lot of extra and amazing treats for you in the coming days, but we wanted to share a few things with you already. 🙂

You can see a few of our pictures from the press conference and photocall by clicking here – but stay tuned! A lot more will find their way into the gallery soon!

The ICM staff has been keeping our Twitter profile scorching hot with interesting quotes from the press conference – take a look at this one from Rupert Grint:

“It was hard to learn the accent, but also fun. It suited the character”

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Zentropa International Norway also tweeted some pictures from the press conference which you can take a look at here!

We have an article translated from the Norwegian newspaper where they had a nice little talk with Rupert – you can read it here. And remember to take a look at the video from the red carpet on their website here. Thanks to Malene for translating the article.

Remember to check out a few of the pictures from the red carpet and Folketeateret taken by the ICM girls. You can view them here!

UPDATE: has just released pictures from the photocall and press conference at their website, and you can see them in our gallery!

Rupert Grint: The Use of Chapter 2 in Into the White – NEW CLIP!

Rupert Grint: The Use of Chapter 2 in Into the White – NEW CLIP!March 1st, 2012, 10:40AM– Zentropa International Norway has released yet another clip from Into the White – and this time it is a highly dramatic clip that includes some humour as well.

In this one, we see Rupert Grint finding a very useful and creative way of using chapter 2 of Mein Kampf. Take a look at it here:

And remember to keep an eye out for future exclusive clips and other Into the White goodies at the Zentropa International Norway Facebook page – click LIKE and enjoy!

Make sure to check back here for more exciting news as we get closer and closer to the world premiere in Oslo. Of course, we will update the site extensively on all the Into the White events in Norway 🙂