Rupert Grint and Matt Lewis Talk Friendship!

September 30th, 2012, 12:46am–In a lovely interview by The Independent, Matthew Lewis (Nevill Longbottom) talks all about Rupert Grint. How they met, the connection they have, things Rupert has bought, etc. And Rupert does the same for Matt in talking about all kinds of practical jokes they’d pull off together including “throwing peas at Slytherins” as well as buying ‘weird stuff’. One of the quotes from Matt about Rupert:

“With his red hair, he was always recognised first when we went out together; at the football, people would come up to ask for pictures. But despite all this recognition he just gets on with it.”

And of course a quote from Rupert about Matt:

“As for Matt, it was great to see him playing a different role in The Syndicate – a real thug, hardcore, but he added vulnerability to it and he was very good.”

You can read the interview here which also includes a nice picture which you can also view in our gallery here.