Rupert Grint and Matt Lewis Talk Friendship!

September 30th, 2012, 12:46am–In a lovely interview by The Independent, Matthew Lewis (Nevill Longbottom) talks all about Rupert Grint. How they met, the connection they have, things Rupert has bought, etc. And Rupert does the same for Matt in talking about all kinds of practical jokes they’d pull off together including “throwing peas at Slytherins” as well as buying ‘weird stuff’. One of the quotes from Matt about Rupert:

“With his red hair, he was always recognised first when we went out together; at the football, people would come up to ask for pictures. But despite all this recognition he just gets on with it.”

And of course a quote from Rupert about Matt:

“As for Matt, it was great to see him playing a different role in The Syndicate – a real thug, hardcore, but he added vulnerability to it and he was very good.”

You can read the interview here which also includes a nice picture which you can also view in our gallery here.

Rupert Grint: Exclusive Interview with ES Magazine!

Rupert Grint Exclusive Interview with ES Magazine!
April 16th, 2010, 9:30am–We just revealed that Rupert Grint and his co-stars Robert Sheehan and Kimberley Nixon will be honored at a private screening for the release of their upcoming film Cherrybomb this coming Monday in London! Well now as promised we have those updates.  UK’s ES Magazine not only will be in attendance but they have published a new exclusive interview with Rupert along with a new photo and a fresh new interview with even more facts revealed that you’re all going to adore!! Rupert talks about supporting his Cherrybomb co-star Kimberley Nixon by attending her show for “Girl with the Pearl Earring and dishes out on guilty pleasures, what he would have put on his tomb-stone one day and the most romantic place in London! 😉

Question? What advice would you give a tourist? Rupert replies

Take A-Z: I get lost everywhere I go!

The scan is clear to read so check out the rest of the interview by clicking the scan below!

We’ve also added scans from Rupert’s latest interview with The Independent which can also be viewed in our galleries here.

The Independent, ES Magazine and (click link for mini feature on CB!) have all been invited and will be in attendance to cover the Cherrybomb screening on Monday so look out for loads more press and interviews and coverage coming your way soon!

Updates: We’ve also been informed that they have published this interview online

The Independent Talks To Rupert Grint!

The Independent Talks To Rupert Grint!April 15th, 2010, 7:46pm–The Independent has a new interview with Rupert Grint who is currently promoting Cherrybomb. Here he once again talks about life after Potter – he’s definitely ready for it to end! We also get some new tidbits including his family life in which he talks about how close they are, how they travel all around the world with him, and how his father still deals in F1 merchandise!

Rupert also discusses his various movie roles including Cherrybomb and how doing a kissing scene with Harry Potter co-star Jessie Cave was quite different from his scenes with Cherrybomb co-star Kimberley Nixon. He also talks a little about Wild Target and how he tends to be a lot more like Tony then he does Malachy. He also discusses more on Eddie the Eagle including how his father used to chat to him about Eddie and how famous he was for Britain in 1988! Seems like Rupert’s desire to play this role comes from his father’s stories!

We even get to hear, thankfully, that Rupert didn’t get too much teasing about his red hair while in school!

You can read it all here!