Rupert Grint: New Article about the Release of CBGB!

Rupert Grint: New Article about the Release of CBGB!September 18, 2012, 12:53pm– Rolling Stone has published a new article about Rupert Grint‘s upcoming film CBGB where he is co-starring once again with Alan Rickman. The article is full of new information about the film’s shoot and the ongoing editing process that is happening right now.

Director Randall Miller and writer Jody Savin also talk about the dificult casting decisions when the actors have to portray well-known people:

“That’s always a tough creative decision,” Savin said of recruiting actors who embody the spirit of the musicians over relying on straight impersonations. “It was tricky,” Miller added, explaining the filmmakers’ year-long search for actors who not only looked the part, but also played the instruments that corresponded to their characters. “It’s all about just finding the authentic people.”

The article also mentions Rupert specifically and Cheetah Chrome has a nice quote about Rupert‘s portrayal of the Dead Boys guitarist:

Things immediately clicked between actor Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame and guitarist Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, whom the young actor portrays. Though Grint’s English accent initially worried him, Chrome, who has a seven-year-old son and has seen every Harry Potter movie, says his only advice to Grint was to mumble a lot.
“The first day I saw him on-set, he hit it dead-on,” Chrome told Rolling Stone. “He had me down. I’m really glad he’s doing me.” Chrome himself wasn’t left out of the film: he has a cameo as a cranky cab driver who hates punk music.

The film is expected to be released in 2013 – we will keep you updated on any and all news about CBGB. You can read the entire article here which also includes a new still from the film.

Rupert Grint Is The Hot Sidekick, According To Rolling Stone!

Rupert Grint Is The Hot Sidekick, According To Rolling Stone!
May 28, 2009, 7:36 PM–While many people are enjoying the latest issue of Rolling Stone featuring Lady GaGa covered in nothing but bubbles, Rupert Grint fans also have something to celebrate as they list him among their 162 things that are burning up 2009! This online exclusive which hails  Rupert as the “Hot Sidekick” has a few cool quotes.
Speaking of his beginnings as an actor, Rupert said:

“It has been really weird. I feel like I’ve completely changed really quickly. I was going to a regular school, and then suddenly I did this audition on a whim and then — well, it just sort of happened.”

As for turning 21 this year, Rupert says:

“I don’t quite feel 21. I guess I still think I’m 16.”

But, as correctly observed by Rolling Stone, his rabid fan base — there are countless blogs devoted to his “ginger” beauty — can’t wait for him to grow up. Indeed! 😀

Read the article here and stuff them with comments!

Update: Sci-Fi and SFX Magazine have both done a feature on The Half-Blood Prince. Nothing new, but the pictures are still nice too look at! Ron Weasley is even called a sex symbol in one of them! See the scans in our gallery here and here. Thanks for the scans.