Rupert Grint: Stephen Fry Cast In Super Clyde!

rupertnewsRupert Grint: Stephen Fry Cast In Super Clyde!March 15th, 2013, 9:58pm–While some of the casting for Super Clyde has been low key, very exciting news has just hit the web. Stephen Fry has been cast as Randolph who is also the butler. (He has also been described as the handy man and uncle that lives with Clyde, Duke and Faith.) You can read all about this exciting casting news here at Deadline. For those who are keeping score, Stephen Fry and Rupert Grint have crossed paths in some way quite a few times. Mr. Fry was in Thunderpants and also appeared in the commercial for the come visit Britain campaign. He also narrated the British version of the Harry Potter books. Fans of the TV show Bones will also remember him as the lovable Gordon Gordon.

A few more roles have been casted in recent weeks, though these were more low key. Recently the role of Jolene, Clyde’s crush, has been cast in the form of Laura Catalina along with Andy Spencer as Mr. Phillips (his role is a mystery, but rumors are that Mr. Phillips is Clyde’s boss at the fast food restaurant.)