Rupert Grint: Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign!


May 1st 2009, 11:30am–During our coverage of the Belfast Film Festival, we announced that a distribution deal was in the works for Rupert Grint’s latest non-Potter film, Cherrybomb! Well now as we move into May we realized it was time for the RA to get involved.  Cherrybomb as you aware, screened at three international film festivals (Berlin, Dublin and Belfast) and all screenings (7 in total) were sold out! Yet despite this amazing response it is proving difficult for any independent film to get a general release; however, if the fans worldwide express their enthusiasm for Cherrybomb, then the chances of it coming to a  theater near you will rise dramatically! We want to ensure the widest possible cinematic release for Cherrybomb, so ICM has teamed up with “The Little Film Company,” to launch “The Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign.” Our goal is to gather as many signatures as possible from people who want to see this film come to their city!

Your Mission:

There are six separate petitions targeting the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Brazil. We base this from data that show large numbers in these areas who have viewed the Cherrybomb trailer or other website/communities that link Rupert Grint news.  So we are going to need you to send the petition to all of your friends, social sites you frequent, HP communities, myspace, facebook, anywhere you can think of. We also have an entire page set up with complete campaign details and tips on gathering quality signatures, so please read it thoroughly. We will be available to answer questions!

Remember: Cherrybomb has just landed a spot at the Cannes Film Festival so with our help we can give it the boost it needs, so let’s stay positive and make this the biggest and most successful campaign yet!

Thanks to the “The Little Film Company”  for the wonderful idea and opportunity to get involved and make a difference!

~For Complete Details On How You Can Get Involved Click Below~


Remember Rupert’s Army….. “Yes We Can!”

Rupert Grint: Latest Film Cherrybomb Premiered In Belfast!


Rupert Grint: Latest Film Cherrybomb Premiered In Belfast!

March 31, 2009, 8:39 AM–Yesterday evening, the UK premiere of Rupert Grint`s new film Cherrybomb took place at the Jameson Belfast Film Festival, and half of the ICM staff were present: namely, Tao, Jo, Karo, AJ and special guest star Soph (and another guest star — Tao’s mom!)

Although the main cast Rupert Grint, Robert Sheehan, Kimberley Nixon and James Nesbitt could not attend the screening due to other commitments, we had the pleasure to meet and talk to directors Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa. We can happily tell you that they are in negotiations with a distributor!

We also spoke to composer David Holmes, who told us that the soundtrack will be released eventually!

On Sunday, we toured a majority of the filming locations of Cherrybomb and our two wonderful tour guides gave us lots of information about the shoot, the film and Rupert Grint, which we are going to share with you soon, together with the rest of the exclusives. So stay tuned!

And finally, a big THANK YOU to everyone involved with Cherrybomb for making our time in Belfast such an unforgettable experience!

UPDATE: Jameson Belfast Film Festival has just announced that additional tickets have been put up on sale for tomorrow’s screening of Cherrybomb! You may purchase them online here.
And don’t forget to listen to the interview with Lisa Barros D’Sa, where she reveals the movie’s original title — it’s right here!

Award Ceremonies Today!


February 14, 2009, 11:54 AM–First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day! This is just a quick reminder to all of you, not to miss the award ceremonies today. The main ceremony at Berlinale takes place today at 19:30 CET (1:30pm EST). There will be live streaming and here’s the schedule: 

18.45 CET Red Carpet
19.30 CET Gala Ceremony
21.00 CET Press Conference

As you know, the movie Cherrybomb starring Rupert Grint is competing for the Best First Feature Award — this prize is awarded by a three-member strong international jury. You may read about it here. Good luck Lisa and Glenn!

Then, a few hours later, to be precise at  9:30pm GMT (4:30pm EST) the 6th Annual Irish Film and Television Awards ceremony takes place. David Holmes is nominated for his scores for movies Hunger and Cherrybomb. The ceremony will broadcast live on RTÉ One, and selected highlights from the IFTAs will be broadcast on BBC Two Northern Ireland at 7pm GMT on Monday 16 February.

Good luck David, oh and Happy birthday! 

Note: if anyone could record any of these shows and send us the clips, we’d be very grateful!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Lisa and Glenn did not win the First Time Feature Award. 🙁 It went to film Gigante
by Adrián Biniez, while Fredrik Edfeldt got a special mention for his film Flickan. Fingers crossed for David Holmes!

UPDATE 2:  From everyone here on the ICM staff, we want to wish a well-deserved congratulations to the talented David Holmes for his score, on the movie ‘Hunger’.  He’s most certainly made fans out of the entire ICM staff and everone who’s listened to the soundtrack to ‘Cherrybomb’ We’re sure there will be more awards for him in the future and wish him the best of luck!
Oh and don’t forget to leave him messages on his MySpace, he will appreciate your support!

Thank You From Berlin

icon112 Thank You From BerlinFebruary 9, 2009 2:17 PM–Your representatives from the Ice Cream Man website, staffers Jo and Karo and almost-staffer AJ, are sad that their time at the Berlin Film Festival, where Rupert Grint‘s new film Cherrybomb had its World Premiere, is almost over. Our work is still far from done, as we are still working on our coverage to bring all our surprises to you, our readers.

We would hereby like to say THANK YOU to Rupert Grint, Kim Nixon, Robbie Sheehan, Glenn Leyburn, Lisa Barros D’Sa, David Holmes, Helen Sloan, Conor, Sarah and everybody else from the Cherrybomb team for creating such a wonderful film! It was a huge pleasure meeting you all at the premiere!

Another THANK YOU goes to everyone working for the Berlin Film Festival, especially Claire Gascoyne, who arranged for us to be able to get access to the tickets and interview, and for being so incredibly cooperative!

We also want to thank Nigel Grint for the kind words of support for our site.  We hope the Grints all keep enjoying visiting ICM!

A huge THANK YOU for our staffers who stayed at home and did a wonderful job of keeping up with all the news for you, AND arranging so much stuff for us to make sure that our coverage would be great for you, the fans!

And last but most definitely not least, THANK YOU to everyone visiting Ice Cream Man and for this gobsmacking activity while we were gone! Rupert was blown away by the fact that we got more than 27,000 hits on our Cherrybomb forum thread last night alone! And over 4000 individual hits on our homepage! Thank you for your help, support and patience.

We will bring all of our coverage to you, but we hope you are willing to wait to enable us to make it as perfect as we can instead of rushing things.

After all: “Keep Calm and Carry On” (Thanks to Rupert for that message!)

Exclusive Interview With David Holmes!

Exclusive Interview With David Holmes!

February 5, 2009, 3:32 PM–In the midst of all the excitement about the world premiere of Rupert Grint‘s new film Cherrybomb in three days time, we are happy to add what is the most important interview of our soundtrack coverage!

Staffer Karo had the opportunity to interview David Holmes, who put together the Cherrybomb soundtrack! A close friend of directors Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn, David talked about his music and his work on Cherrybomb, and also gave his opinion about Rupert Grint‘s performance.

David Holmes’ latest album The Holy Pictures has just been nominated for the Irish Choice Music Prize, and he received a double nomination for the Irish Film and Television Awards for his work on the soundtracks for Hunger and Cherrybomb!

A huge THANK YOU to David!

Click here to read our interview!