Reviews and UK-Release of Into The White alias Cross Of Honour

Reviews and UK-Release of Into The White alias Cross Of HonourSeptember 28th, 2012, 12:44PM– With the UK release date of Rupert Grint’s movie “Into The White / Cross of Honour” coming closer and closer, we are happy to share some lovely reviews with you. ITW/COH got some great responses in the UK and Rupert’s performance got praised.
First one was published by

“The performances are uniformly strong, though Rupert Grint wins best in show for his charismatic and unflappable Scouse darts champ who takes great joy in rubbing his severe German compatriots up the wrong way. His accent, too, is note perfect, and the film is a far better showcase for his performing talents than any of the Harry Potter films.”

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“The English side is pretty much told through the eyes of Gunner Robert Smith played by Rupert Grint. His role of over the top Liverpudlian, who strikes up an expected friendship, is a heart warming one.”

Of course Lachlan Nieboer, Florian Lukas, David Kross and Stig Henrik Hoff were giving a great performance, too. No wonder summed it up that way:

“What sets CROSS OF HONOUR apart is its performances; each and every one of the main five cast members excels, refusing to succumb to shallow stereotypes (though oft straying dangerously close). On the British side, upper class boy Lachlan Nieboer is Captain Davenport, accompanied by his working class Liverpudlian gunner Smith (Rupert Grint). Luckily, there’s no twaddle about class differences here: the pair play off each other succinctly. There is a war going on, after all. […] Rupert Grint is the biggest name attached but certainly doesn’t steal the show (despite his fantastic accent) […] But even then it’s hard to single one out when the entire principal cast does so well. CROSS OF HONOUR achieves in its human component what it fails to achieve in its story: a reason to watch.”

If you wanna read the whole reviews and some other ones we didn’t quoted in this post take a look here.

Also, don’t forget to check if your cinema will show ITW/COH this weekend. There will be a limited release from TODAY! You’ll find a list of some cinemas here.

On Monday ITW/COH will be released on DVD. You can preorder your copy here.

There will be a limited release in Germany before the DVD starts, too! We’ll give you more informations as soon as we know.

Rupert Grint: Behind the Beat Video!

Rupert Grint: Behind the Beat Video!August 8, 2012, 4:13pm– Rupert Grint appeared on Beat TV last night, and although we still have to wait a little bit longer for the episode to appear online, they have now released a special behind the scene clip featuring Rupert and Olympic swimmers Alison Schmitt and Elisabeth Beisel.

In this clip “Rup-Dog” talks about everything from his recent projects, including Postman Pat, CBGB and Into the White (or now known as Cross of Honour in the UK), his favourite place in London and which sport he would choose if he competed in the Olympics.
Check it out below:

Stay tuned for the entire episode – we expect it to be posted online shortly, it’s a good one 😉

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UPDATE: Beat TV has released another behind-the-scenes video which focuses on Samantha Grint‘s performance on the show. Check it out here!

UPDATE #2: The show is now on youtube: