Rupert Grint: The Cherrybomb Phenomenon on Filmland

September 5th, 2010, 5:42am– With Rupert Grint‘s film Cherrybomb now available on DVD in the UK and Germany, we have a great article to share with you about “The Cherrybomb Phenomenon”. have just published an article about Rupert Grint, Cherrybomb and the fan campaign behind it, and you should make sure to check it out!

Majbritt not only spoke to Jo about our Cherrybomb campaign and all the fans’ hard work, but also met up with Anna and Karo in London to see Rupert at the Apple Store Q&A two weeks ago. Her article also contains a review of Cherrybomb, and some unpublished details about the campaign.

You can read Filmland’s article here, and find an English translation at the bottom of their page. 🙂
Thanks to the lovely Miss Sorensen, and we are looking forward to more Rupert buzz from Denmark!

CLOSED: Win Cherrybomb DVDs Signed By Rupert Grint!

Win Cherrybomb DVDs Signed By Rupert Grint!September 3rd, 2010, 9:18pm–The lovely folks behind UK promotion of Cherrybomb have graciously given us five Cherrybomb DVDs signed by Rupert Grint himself to give away to the fans! We’re very excited to present this opportunity and we wanted to make it quite easy for everyone who wants to enter. All we’re asking is that you e-mail us! That’s it! The first five people who e-mail us at that they want a signed Cherrybomb DVD will receive one! But please remember that the Cherrybomb DVDs are region 1 and the only way to play them outside of the countries who use region 1 (such as the US, we use region 2) is with a region free DVD player or a computer that’s able to play them! This contest is open to everyone, as you may just want a lovely keepsake instead of worrying about playing the DVD!

Also remember, while they’re not signed, we still have several blu-ray and regular Cherrybomb DVDs from Germany to give away, so stay tuned for more of that as well!

UPDATE: Sorry guys, the contest is closed. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us!

Rupert Grint: Malene’s Meet and Greet Cherrybomb Report!

August 26th, 2010, 8:26 pm–It has been an amazing week for Rupert Grint fans as they had the opportunity to meet him in London for a special Q&A session to promote the DVD release of his indie film Cherrybomb! If you missed the news or haven’t checked out the updates head on over to our exclusive coverage page to catch up! Meanwhile staffers Anna and Karo are still on their adventure, so until they make it back with their full report we wanted to share with you some special reports straight from the fans!

First up is the lovely Malene and her sister Majbritt who met up with ICM for both events. She not only took hundreds of great photos but has also sent in her personal thoughts on the entire experience! Malene shares her initial feelings on meeting Rupert, her interactions with him and much more!


When it was my turn, I came towards Rupert, held out my hand to shake his and said hello. The first thing I did was give him his birthday present from me – I wanted to give him something very Danish, and I tried to explain to him that the only thing we Danes do good is alcohol. I had bought him three small bottles of an alcoholic drink called “Gammel Dansk” (ie. Old Danish). His response was: “I love that!” He then signed my Blag magazine (“To Malene, Love Rupert”… aaww). Tom Deacon took the picture of us, and then I decided to be brave – I asked if I could get a hug, and as always Rupert was a complete sweetheart and made my entire day, week, month, year and decade by giving me a hug.

Read Malene’s entire experience on ICM here! And a big thanks to Malene for sending us over hundreds of beautiful photos of Mr. Grint which we have just uploaded in our galleries here. The yummy cup-cakes we gave Rupert for his birthday can be seen directly here!

More reports on the way soon!

Rupert Grint Live Cherrybomb Q&A Session!

August 23rd, 2010, 1:21pm–Today ICM staffers Karo and Anna are in London where Rupert Grint is there to promote the DVD release of his latest film Cherrybomb! ICM has been invited to participate in two events where Rupert is conducting an exclusive Q&A and photo-op session to press and then a live in store with Apple which is taking place as we report this! We will be updating this news post throughout the day and tweet any updates that come in so keep checking back!

As of now staffers Karo and Anna are sharing some live information with us from the Q&A!

When asked who is his favorite ginger Rupert answers: Conor MacNeill If you aren’t aware Conor is Rupert’s Cherrybomb co-star! His photo here.

Favorite Tim Burton Film: Edward Scissor-hands!

Would you dye or shave your head for a film role?: Yes!

If you could do a documentary on anything what would it be? : Ice Cream!

The blood in Cherrybomb tasted sugary!

His favorite shampoo changes often but at the moment it is none other than Herbal

When asked if he is ready to get naked for a role he replied with a big yes!

Daniel Radcliffe apparently had issues with Rupert’s pelvis moves in the 7Potters sequence!

We also have over 50 HQ from the Cherrybomb Q&A and from the V-festival but need a little time to get them loaded in our galleries. The first HQ from V-fest can be seen in our galleries here and Cherrybomb session here!

Can’t wait to share more, it’s gonna be a busy two days! ENJOY!

Update: Check out this page we put together with updated Q&A answers from Rupert. 😉

UPDATE #2: We now have almost 40 HQ photos of Rupert from the Apple Store event. You can view them here!

Rupert Grint: Wild Target UK Available For Rent October 11th.

Rupert Grint: Wild Target UK Available For Rent October 11th.August 20th, 2010, 10:12 AM– We recently reported  that Wild Target will be having it’s theatrical release in Russia and China, and now we  can add to that  great news. 

Uk fans who have missed the chance to see Wild Target starring Rupert Grint (Tony),  fellow Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows co-star, Bill Nighy (Victor), and Emily Blunt (Rose) on the big screen, will soon be able to view Wild Target in the privacy of their own homes!

According to, Wild Target will be available for DVD rental on October 11th. Of course, as we all know, this is subject to change. You can read the details at their site here.

And don’t forget, to our German fans (or those with region 2 or multi-region  players)  Rupert Grint’s other feature Cherrybomb is currently available for rental and for purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray. Enter to win 1 out of 10 copies of Cherrybomb here! 

Thanks, Laura.