Rupert Grint featured in ASOS magazine!

RupertNewsIconRupert Grint featured in ASOS magazine! October 28th, 2013, 5:38pm– With the opening of Mojo on London’s West End, a new interview with Rupert Grint is featured in ASOS magazine.
Rupert talks about working in theatre, life after Harry Potter, his clothes, Ed Sheeran and … shaving off his eyebrows!

But I’d consider shaving off my eyebrows. Look at them! They’re so light no one would notice anyway.

You can read the entire interview via this link once you go to page 60.

Thanks to Maria for the heads-up! 🙂

Mojo shows take place from Mondays to Saturdays until 25 January 2014, and you can grab your tickets here! Our staff team highly recommends watching it!

Rupert Grint Talks With Huffington Post About CBGB, Halloween, and Accents!

cbgb icon3Rupert Grint Talks With Huffington Post About CBGB, Halloween, and Accents!October 12th, 2013, 11:27am–Continuing from yesterday’s amazing interview, Rupert Grint and Alan Rickman sat down with The Huffington Post to talk about CBGB as promotion continues for the film which will hit more theaters this weekend. In this lovely new interview we learn all about how Halloween was for Rupert including how he never got to trick-or-treat as a kid, that he made his own Play-Doh costume, and his favorite Halloween candy. Rupert also talks about reuniting with Alan as well as who else he’d love to reunite with. And he answers whether he likes stage or film better.

Are you enjoying the theater work? Are you more of a theater guy or a film guy?

Grint: I don’t know, really. This is my first theater experience, and it’s very different. I wanted to just try it; it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Just the thought of it scares me. I’ve kind of put it off for a long time, and I just thought it was a good time to do it. And it’s a great play and a really great cast with a great director, and it was just, yeah, I’m enjoying it.

Now for something more fun. It’s October. What’s your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

Grint: I liked Halloween. It never used to be a big thing when I was kid. We never really did it. But I actually had a good costume not that long ago. The last one, I dressed as a Play-Doh can that I made. You know Play-Doh?

Of course.

Grint: Well, literally, I actually made it. It was a yellow bin. I cut the bottom out and I just wore a yellow bin with a Play-Doh logo. With a yellow hat. It’s not very practical.

To read the interview in its entirety and also what Alan Rickman had to say, head on over here.

Also a lovely clip from the movie where Hilly and The Dead Boys first meet can be seen below:

Don’t forget that you can find out where CBGB is playing here and that you can pre-order the movie here

Rupert Grint Talks Alan Rickman, Dropping His Pants, And More!

cbgb icon2Rupert Grint Talks Alan Rickman, Dropping His Pants, And More!October 11th, 2013, 11:30pm–While Rupert Grint couldn’t attend the premiere for CBGB in LA or New York he’s still found a way to promote the film by doing plenty of interviews! Today The Daily Beast has released an interview they did where Rupert talks about the real Cheetah Chrome, wanting to become a rock star, and working again with Alan Rickman. This has certainly been an excellent week for Rupert goodies, hasn’t it?

What’s it like working with Alan Rickman (who played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter franchise) in this totally different capacity?

It was weird! I really love Alan. He’s always been one of my favorites. It was just kind of strange to see him in this whole new character and in such a completely different environment. I haven’t seen him much outside of the Potter set after we wrapped, so just seeing him in another environment is odd. It’s kind of like Snape is suddenly a different person. It was weird. But he’s great, and it was nice to have someone who knew your face on set. He made the whole thing a great experience.

So now that you’ve done this movie and played a rock star, any plans to try out doing the real thing?

I’d love to. But I don’t know…I think that ship’s sailed. It’s a dream, but I don’t think I’d really be good at it. I’m not a natural musician. But it was really fun to pretend. I’d like to pretend again.

For the entire interview click here.

Rupert Grint: New Interview about CBGB, Tattoos and Twitter!

RupertNewsIconRupert Grint: New Interview about CBGB, Tattoos and Twitter!!October 8th, 2013, 1:36pm– Rupert Grint has done a new interview with where he talks about an array of things. The interview was done over the phone since Rupert is very busy with Mojo rehearsals at the moment.

One of the things a lot of fans are putting on their wish list is to finally see Rupert on twitter. Vulture asks about this and we once again get confirmation that he is indeed NOT on twitter… yet:

Every Twitter feed claiming to be you doesn’t seem like it’s really you. Are they impostors? Are you even on Twitter?
No, I’m not. If you saw one, that would be a fake one, yeah. I don’t know. It’s weird that people pretend to do that, pretend that they’re me. But I’ve never done Twitter. A lot of people have already said that I should give it a go, but I don’t think I’d be very good at it! It’s just not something … I’m not great at any of those things, really. Maybe one day, though.

The rest of the interview is mostly about CBGB and we get a hilarious comment on the (very special) scene where Rupert had to take his pants off:

You wear a dog collar throughout the film. Did you get to keep it?
No. I really wanted to, though. [Laughs.] I kind of got quite attached to the dog collar. Wearing it every day, I felt naked without it.

Not as naked as the scene in which you drop trou!
Oh, right, yeah. Yes. That was quite fun. I didn’t really think about it until I had to do it, but it was kind of quite a tricky process. I think in the end, we needed a sock contraption. [Laughs.] So that kind of worked. That was the first time I had ever done anything like that. Justin Bartha had to do a lot more, actually. He had to get his waxed. So there was a lot of preparation there. Luckily, I don’t have that issue.

You can read the rest of the interview here!

Video: Rupert Grint Talks CBGB and Cheetah Chrome on HuffPostLive!

cbgb icon3Video: Rupert Grint Talks CBGB and Cheetah Chrome on HuffPostLive!October 3rd, 2013, 5:00pm–Rupert Grint, via Skype, has talked to HuffPostLive about his upcoming movie CBGB as well as portraying Cheetah Chrome. In the interview he is joined by the real life Cheetah Chrome as well as CBGB director Randall Miller. Rupert also, of course, talks about going from Harry Potter to a smaller set like CBGB, what tips Cheetah gave him, and how he got into The Dead Boys when doing research for the movie. He also talks about how nervous he was portraying Cheetah with him on the set that week. FYI, Rupert’s part of the interview comes in about the 11:32 minute mark. Enjoy!

Cheetah also talks about how well Rupert did portraying him, how he got off the drugs, and his involvement in the movie. To watch it please go here. We hope to have a YouTube version for you as soon as we can.