Rupert Grint’s Self Assignment Photoshoot!

GalleryIconRupert Grint’s Self Assignment Photoshoot!April 8th 2013, 4:26pm– New, amazing images of Rupert Grint from the recent Self Assignment Photoshoot by Fabrizio Maltese!

The Photoshoot took place as part of the Press Call on behalf of the screenings of The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman at the Berlinale Film Festival back in February, minutes before our own interview with Rupert.


You can view these awesome images here in our Gallery in MQ, and we are currently working on HQ images and getting the MQ ones untagged UPDATE: MQ photos are now untagged!

Also, the CBGB Facebook page has published another poster, similar to a recent image, which you can see here. And check out the previous post to see Rupert as Cheetah Chrome in action!

Rupert Grint: More Pictures From Berlinale!

galleryRupert Grint: More Pictures From Berlinale!February 18th, 2013, 4:14pm–While news is winding down about Rupert Grint being cast in Super Clyde and everyone has had a chance to catch our exclusive interview with him, we now bring you even more images from Berlinale where Rupert promoted The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. We have more from the photocall here, the press conference here and the premiere here. We will still be bringing you more, so stay tuned for that!

We also have a lovely newspaper article from the German IN Magazine which features a snippet about Rupert calling co-star Til Schweiger‘s daughter, Emma. Here is the translation:

“Also Til Schweiger (49) is taking his spot between the Hollywood-Stars this time. He represents the movie “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman” with his co-stars Shia LaBeouf (26) and Ron Weasley – damn, I meant Rupert Grint (24). By the way, he has a big worshipper at the Schweiger-Family. Til:s little daughter Emma (10). “Rupert spoke some greetings into my iPhone, she was totally flashed”, told the daddy. Maybe the Gingerhead could invite Emma into Diagon Alley sometime.”

You can view the scan here. (The caption next to Rupert’s pic says: “Sorry Rupert Grint, even though you did a great job in the new movie, you’re still Harry Potter’s friend Ron in our heads.”

Reviews Of Rupert Grint And Cherrybomb!


February 9, 2009 2:12 AM- Reviews of Rupert Grint and Cherrybomb are slowly starting to trickle in. Firstly, Charles Masters, a French correspondent from, has given his review of Cherrybomb,  and the scene and the mood of the crowd at the theatre for the premier. He even mentions fans flying in from America to see the world premier of the movie! Could these be our American girls? Possibly. You may view his videoed review of Rupert Grint and Cherrybomb here. Please be warned, that this reporter is a grown man and  the movie obviously didn’t appeal to him. However, if we all remember, this movie was made to be appealing to young audiences. We digress.

More written reviews are coming in as well, but for the time being, you may read them in our official Cherrybomb reviews thread in the forum here.  Thanks to everyone who has as been as busy as the ICM staff, stalking every site imaginable and submitting links. You guys are the best! Be sure to stick around because, I’m sure that today will be as exciting as yesterday was!

UPDATE: Just a quick note re: today’s timetable. As we’ve already mentioned, the Q&A session with Rupert and Kim starts at 2:50pm CET, to be followed by Q&A with Glenn and Lisa from 3:15. The movie will be shown again at 4:30, and our girls will be seeing it of course! (They have decided not to post their reviews until they’ve had a chance to see the movie once again.) So I’m expecting them to come online around 6pm CET (that’s 12pm EST) and give us all the latest info! Of course they might drop in between the Q&A and the screening, but that depends on how much time they’ll have. 

NOTE: Some of you have said in the forum that you’ll be going to Dublin to see Cherrybomb there. As we might have mentioned, ICM staffer Ivana will be there too to do press, so we might organise a meet-up or something! Anyway we’ll talk about this in due time, but just in case you’re among those who will be going to Dublin, email us at 🙂

UPDATE 2: I’m in the midst of translating and adding articles to our Cherrybomb Reviews page. Some of them are actual reviews, while the others are just reports about the yesterday’s premiere. I will be adding more throughout the day, so keep checking!

UPDATE 3: While we wait for the ICM dream team to upload their exclusives, you may view some clips from the yesterday’s premiere on Youtube here and here. Thanks Malene!

UPDATE 4: Jo has just notified me that the directors’ interview has been cancelled, while Rupert and Kim interview has only just begun. Will keep you updated!

UPDATE 5: TIK Online has two cool videos of Rupert: one is of him arriving at the Berlin airport on Saturday, andin the other one we can see Rupert leaving his hotel and driving off in a black limo for the premiere! View them here.


Good Luck Rupert!


Good Luck Rupert!

February 6, 2009, 5:55 AM–Can you guys believe that Rupert Grint‘s movie Cherrybomb will have its world premiere in two days?! ICM staffers Jo and Karo and our resident sidekick AJ are already busy packing their suitcases for Berlin, and we suppose the Grints are getting ready for the Berlin premiere too! Thus, it is only appropriate to wish Rupert good luck before his big day! So, here we go: 

Dear Rupert,

You can’t imagine the excitement we felt for you when we first heard that you were filming Cherrybomb. Once we got a hold of some more information, we all made quick work of researching your directors, co-stars, and other aspects of the production. We were pleased to see you had chosen such a talented group of people to tackle a project very outside of your comfort zone. We’ve all researched Glen and Lisa’s work, and we believe that their joint gifts, coupled with a unique story and visually dynamic sets will work well to further your career in a positive way. 

You said a while ago that you were worried that your role in Cherrybomb might upset some of your fans. Don’t worry! If anything, you’ve made us hungry for more! We’ve been spending countless moments discussing the movie and posting theories about the plot! We’ve been trying to whittle away the sort of character Malachy is this entire time. And of course, there’s the debate about who is dying at the end… To sum up, we are so excited for this film!

We’re even more excited for you. When we heard Cherrybomb was premiering at Berlinale, one of the largest festivals in the world, we were very proud. The fact that this film managed to beat out many competitors to be screened there only cemented our anticipation. We here at ICM are very glad you are taking risks and branching out with your acting. We know you’ll have a long career, and look forward to enjoying this step along the way with you!

Good luck on your big night, Rupert!

ICM readers and staff


Thanks to our lovely Sam who wrote the letter! And feel free to leave your own messages for Rupert in the comments!

Exclusive Interview with Helen Sloan-Cherrybomb Stills Photographer! Part One


January 20, 2009, 12:15 AM- As you will recall last year ICM conducted an interview with Northern Ireland filmmaker Brian Philip Davis who worked with Rupert Grint and his movie Cherrybomb. You may click here  if you missed it!  Well now we are happy to share with you some amazing new information from Helen Sloan, Cherrybomb’s Stills Photographer. Hailing from Belfast with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Helen has worked on various projects ranging from films to the professional circus arena! She not only gave detailed information on the photography but she also has shared with us several wonderful tidbits about what it was like working with Rupert Grint! She also reveals some more things about Cherrybomb that will be featured in the second part of our interview coming soon!

Until then please click here to read the first part. Comments will open shortly but the forums are open now to discuss!