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CHERRYBOMB is a Teen Romance starring Rupert Grint, Robert Sheehan, Kimberley Nixon and James Nesbitt. The film is the debut of co-directors Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa, and was written by Daragh Carville. Shot on location in Northern Ireland, it is the second picture from UK-based producers, Mark Huffam and Simon Bosanquet’s Generator Entertainment. CHERRYBOMB was produced in association with Northern Ireland Screen and with the participation of the Irish Film Board, and features a score by acclaimed Belfast-based Hollywood composer, David Holmes.

The experience of shooting CHERRYBOMB was a world away from the lavish sets and big budgets of Harry Potter. “I really enjoy it because it is a totally different world,” says Rupert Grint. “I think we do get a bit spoilt on Harry Potter. I really prefer the pace of these sorts of films – on this one you do maybe seven scenes a day – so it moves really quickly. It’s exciting.” The three leads quickly developed a rapport in an extensive period of early rehearsals,


Now in its third volume, BLAG is relaunching as a deluxe Bi-Annual, taking traditional print and coffee-table books as inspiration, to create a truly collectable item. “For the first Bi-Annual, we wanted to present today’s most exciting and skilled talents in a classic way. It was a real honour to shoot Rupert in his first styled shoot at this stage in his career. It’s the icing on the cake for us.” said Sarah.
“Vol.3 Nø 1 is very much inspired by iconic Hollywood with a British swagger and touch of rebellion. Rupert, in this new light is the perfect headliner.” added Sally.
BLAG is the co-creation of Sally A. and Sarah J. Edwards. What started as a fanzine put together while studying at sixth form, BLAG has become one of the most important magazines of its kind with Sally and Sarah still respectively designing, shooting and both writing the majority of its content. Cover stars in the past have included James McAvoy; Ioan Gruffudd; Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody; as well as iconic music acts – N.E.R.D; Outkast and The Beastie Boys with Franz Ferdinand sharing the double cover placement with Rupert Grint for the debut Bi-Annual.
BLAG is distributed in Borders nationally. Key stores in London include Tate Modern, Waterstones – Covent Garden and Harrods, Selfridges, The Shop at Bluebird, R.D. Franks, along with newsstands.

Special stores include: Sketch in London, Colette in Paris and Danny Masterson’s new boutique, Confederacy in LA. Aswell as many of London’s five star hotels including: St. Martins Lane, Soho Hotel, Sanderson, Baglioni, Babbington House, Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Lounge and Departure Gate.

Distributed in the USA via Borders, Barnes & Noble and Hudson News.

The magazine is also available for pre-order and subscription at:

“The style magazine has faltered but BLAG could help get its groove back.”
The Independent

“BLAG is an extraordinary, diverse, well-designed, uncatagorisable publication with some notably strong images. It manages to be highbrow, lowbrow, edgy and cultured, all at the same time, with a strong centre of gravity. Clever.”
Nicholas Coleridge, MD, Conde Nast

“BLAG magazine is brilliantly designed, lovingly conceived, and witty in its abstraction.”
George Pitts, Director of Photography, LIFE/Parsons

“[BLAG]… have persuaded some interesting people to feature in the magazine, which is never easy.”
Alexandra Shulman, Editor, British Vogue.

“…beautiful design and unorthodox interview style that has led to some unexpectedly personal responses from surprised hip hop artists, including Redman and The Roots.”

TRACE Magazine (USA)

“Sarah and Sally are fantastic in their promotion and marketing of what is still a largely misunderstood genre of music and culture, hip hop. I definitely depend on them when I cross the Atlantic, as they cover a diverse and vast array of skill and contacts necessary for my organization. They cover the gamut and when it comes to the clarity the culture needs they give it that. Thus I will continue to support and still depend on them in whatever course they take their companies.”
Chuck D Co-Founder of PUBLIC ENEMY

“A well put together glossy, the magazine has retained the fun voice of its origins.”
The Guardian

Brands are always asking us to find a way to reach cool people. They may call them something like “cultural influencers” in the brief to us, but it amounts to the same thing. The idea that you can spike credible word of mouth about your product by getting it in the hands of those who start trends is one that holds credence. It’s what we do as an agency. BLAG are the cultural influencers you seek. All wrapped up in a dynamic media partner, event producers and style icons. In addition to the pureness of their brand and the influence of their publication, these ladies know how to activate an army of artists, creative’s, musicians, producers and scensters in general, all of whom are friends of BLAG and can be introduced to your brand. Momentum recommends going on a BLAG adventure. Turn yourself and your brand over to the sensibilities of Sarah and Sally, reach your audience in a very cool way and have a good time.”
Jeff Stevens, Creative Director Momentum

“BLAG has become a favourite in our office and is on permanent display in our reception room”
Flaunt (USA)

“BLAG is my favourite international magazine / BLAG is smoother than a 66 blue coloured jag / BLAG never keeps me sad / BLAG is run by my two favourite hags / whom I’ll never shag….sigh / least I have BLAG.
Ahmir Thomson, The Roots

“Have you ever read BLAG magazine? You should, it’s rather splendid. An ad-free magazine that feels as startling as a novel with the occasional colour spread… [The BLAG team] create editorial for you, weaving the brand into the magazine in a way that goes far beyond the typically lame advertorial… They select brands that make sense for the magazine and create brand content that’ll work for their readership, making for a much more interesting overall product and never risking the kind of car-crash of editorial and advertising you get in so many magazines.”
Russell Davies, Campaign

“Working with BLAG has been a true partnership helping PlayStation reconnect with the people who had identified with the brand at its birth… Re-capturing the spirit of innovation from the last decade and evolving a new language for the symbols.” Anahita Milligan, Source Communications Director, Manning Gottlieb OMD