Day Six of’ Birthday Countdown!

Icon 3July 11th, 2014, 0:04am– Today, we will take a look back at the year 2009 in our 10-day Birthday Countdown, the year of‘ fifth anniversary!

During “The Year of the Grint”, Rupert was filming the final Harry Potter films while Ice Cream Man celebrated Cherrybomb and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We assembled a huge amount of Exclusives and created three new subsites.
Former staffer Sam, our forum moderator and News and Lifejournal poster, reveales her story of being on the site and an exciting phone call.

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Make sure to check out the previous post if you have not seen the Empire interview with Rupert yet! And check out the latest HQ images from Rupert at the British F1 Grand Prix and in New York!

Q & A with Rupert Grint in Empire Magazine

RupertNewsIconJuly 11th, 2014, 1:55pm– In this month issue Empire Magazine sat down with Rupert Grint to do one of their typical “How much is a pint of milk?“-interviews.

If you wanna find out which movie Rupert can quote word for word or how famous he sees himself on a scale of one to ten you just need to take a look at our gallery here or just click the scan below:

Don’t forget to check our latest birthday post. Today we’ve reached the year 2008 and we promise there still are some awesome things to come.


UPDATE: HQ photos of Rupert in NYC on July 2nd here and finally HQ photos of Rupert at the Grand Prix here!

Fifth day of celebrating ten years on!

Icon 3July 11th, 2014, 00:00am– We reached the year 2008 of our 10-day Birthday Countdown for‘ Anniversary!

It’s the year of recreation and rethinking for Ice Cream Man and while Rupert is super busy wrapping up Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and filming Cherrybomb and Wild Target, Ice Cream Man takes its time to rebuild the site and doing its first steps into the socialmedia world. staffer Karo, the technical brain behind Ice Cream Man and the one who optimized the 24-hour packing and organising system to attend events, talks about her favourite memories of working for Ice Cream Man.

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Fourth Day of’ Anniversary Countdown!

Icon 2July 10th, 2014, 0:04am– Here is the next part of our 10-day Birthday Countdown for‘ Anniversary!

While Rupert Grint promoted Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Ice Cream Man became more established as a news source. We shared our first exclusive news and covered several red carpet events.
Our UK-based Ivana talks about her experiences as a staff member – and it is thanks to her that you can find Ice Cream Man‘s news on both Google and, and she improved many things with her technical knowledge.

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Third day of celebrating ten years on!

Icon 3July 9th, 2014, 0:00am– Welcome back to Day Three of our 10-day Birthday Countdown for‘ Anniversary!

In 2006, Rupert promoted Driving Lessons. Ice Cream Man continued to grow, with a new section and the first project being introduced. This was also the beginning of our site’s Exclusives in general, and particularly our very first interview with Rupert Grint himself. This interview was done by Lyn, our Los-Angeles based staff member, who tells us about her experiences with and on the site in her report.

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