Rupert Grint Invited To Join Oscars Academy!

Rupert Grint Invited To Join Oscars Academy!June 28th, 2017, 11:33pm–Very interesting news was released today! Rupert Grint, along with hundreds of other actors, including Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton, was invited to join the Oscars Academy. If Rupert accepts, he will help vote on which movies will be voted on the annual Academy Awards. He joins a star studded line-up that includes actors, writers, and directors.

Over the weekend, Rupert was also at the latest Rally in support of his brother James who races in these rallies.

Rupert is currently filming the second series for Sick Note along with Nick Frost and Lindsay Lohan.

Rupert Grint: First Still from Sick Note Season 2!

Rupert Grint: First Still from Sick Note Season 2!June 12th, 2017, 1:05pm– Rupert Grint started filming season 2 of Sick Note last week and we already have an official first still from the new series. The picture was first released by Lindsay Lohan on twitter and several news outlets have picked up the story and supplied it with more exciting information (e.g. see here and here).

The show has apparently switched from Sky Atlantic to Sky 1 and season 1 will air later this year at 10pm. The second series will then follow soon after and will consist of 8 episodes of 30 min (season 1 will have 6 episodes with 5 being 30 min and one lasting an hour).

Jon Mountague, head of comedy for Sky, has this to say about season 2 of Sick Note:

One lie leads to the next in this unsettlingly brilliant comedy that will hook viewers in and have them on the very edge of their seats. Filming for series two is already under way and we’re delighted to confirm Lindsay Lohan will be joining Rupert and Nick in this stellar comedy cast.

Lindsay Lohan
will play Don Johnson‘s daughter (who plays Rupert’s boss) Katerina West.

Let’s hope we get loads of sightings from the set like we did last year when they shot season 1.

Weirdly, another still – though very very similar to the first one – was tweeted by Now TV. See it HERE. Now we can play “spot the difference” in the comments 😀

UPDATE: We have added a few Behind the Scenes images from the filming of Season 2 of Sick Note to our Gallery. Check them out here.

Rupert Grint: Crackle renews Snatch for season 2!

Rupert Grint: Crackle renews Snatch for season 2!April 19th, 2017, 11:04am– The good news just keeps coming this month – we recently told you about Rupert Grint‘s show Sick Note being renewed for a second season (read more here) and now it has just been announced that Crackle has renewed Snatch for a second season as well.

Season 2 of Snatch will be available on Crackle in 2018 and as a special treat it was announced that an exclusive virtual reality bonus experience on PlayStation VR will be released this summer to bridge season 1 and season 2. During the VR experience, the hustlers attempt to break into the safe of Sonny Castillo (Ed Westwick) and can choose to keep cracking the safe or leave the hideout before the cops and Castillo’s goons arrive on the scene.

Crackle also announced that Snatch has been their most-streamed scripted original to date. Amazing news.

Eric Berger (GM and EVP of Crackle) had this to say about the second season announcement:

Rupert, Luke and the rest of the cast have created memorable characters who truly resonated with our viewers, and we look forward to following their adventures in season two of Snatch.

Very exciting news – we can’t wait to see what our favourite gang and the snazzy Charlie get up to in season 2!

Sick Note Season 2 coming, “likely” with Rupert Grint!

otherprojectnewsicon_2Sick Note Season 2 coming, “likely” with Rupert Grint!April 10, 2017, 2:23pm– While we are still awaiting the release of the first episodes of Sick Note on Sky Atlantic with Rupert Grint playing the lead character Daniel Glass, word has come out that the series has already been confirmed for a second season, and that filming is scheduled for this spring!

We already retweeted these news during the weekend, and have just received word from Rupert’s representatives that while not 100% confirmed yet, it is very likely that Rupert will reprise his role alongside Nick Frost and Don Johnson!

As a reminder, here’s the production company’s description of the first season’s storyline:

Loveable loser Daniel Glass (RUPERT GRINT), is about to lose his girlfriend, home and job. But when’s he diagnosed with cancer, his life is turned around – everyone is there for him, even his malicious boss Kenny West (DON JOHNSON).
The only problem is – he doesn’t have cancer. Misdiagnosed by the incompetent Dr. Glennis (NICK FROST), Daniel is forced to perpetuate the lie to cover his tracks. But before long, Daniel and Dr. Glennis find themselves falling deeper into the twists and turns of their own deception.

We will of course keep you updated with further news about Rupert’s participation!

Rupert Grint Attends Apple Soho Event!

Rupert Grint Attends Apple Soho Event!March 15th, 2017, 9:22pm–With Snatch coming to >Crackle this Thursday, Rupert Grint continues to do the rounds of promotion for the TV series. Today, one of his latest stops has been to the Apple store in Soho, NY. You may remember he did this many years ago promoting Cherrybomb. This time he did so with Snatch co-star Luke Pasqualino and series creator Alex De Rakoff. You can view medium quality images here. There also should be video and audio of the event on iTunes at some point. The moment it’s available for download, we’ll let you know.

He also sat down with several outlets including USA Today where they talked about the strangest things a fan did on the set of Snatch! He also sat down with Yahoo!, and as soon as that interview is available, we’ll post about it.

UPDATE: A new interview with IGN has just be released and you can read it here.