New Moonwalkers Clip and Still, Plus Promo Shot!

moonwalkersicon2November 5th, 2015, 12:14am–As the launch of Moonwalkers in Japan gets closer – November 14th – the official Facebook page has released some more material from the film. First up is a brand new clip featuring Rupert Grint, Ron Perlman, Robert Sheehan, and many others. You can watch the clip below:

CIAもヒッピーもみんなで月面着陸セットを制作〜♫ スウィンギング60'sロンドンさいこ〜

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They have also recently released a new still, again featuring Rupert, Ron, and Robbie. You can view it in our gallery here. And Rupert has also participated in a promotional shoot for the film and they released one picture thus far. You can view it here.

New Moonwalkers Trailer and Poster featuring Rupert Grint!

MoonwalkersIcon1New Moonwalkers Trailer and Poster featuring Rupert Grint!October 30th, 2015, 8:31am– Rupert Grint’s film, Moonwalkers, will hit cinemas in France on January 27 2016 and promotion for the film has slowly started.
Today, the French distributor Mars Films has released a brand new poster as well as an international teaser trailer.

You can see the poster in our gallery here and the teaser trailer below:

In case you missed the big news yesterday – Rupert will star in a new drama on NBC! This show was created for Rupert specifically and he is even producing. We’re so excited! Read more about the project here.

UPDATE: Rupert has donated a pair of signed shoes for the charity Small Steps Project. The auction goes live on Sunday, November 1st where you can bid on Rupert’s shoes. See the shoes here (White high top Chuck Taylor Converse All Star Classic trainers in a UK size 8). You can also see a short video that shows exactly where the money raised goes – Small Steps Project cares for some of the very poorest and most neglected children in the world so BID on Rupert’s shoes to raise money for this great charity.

UPDATE 2: Rupert was spotted out and about in Soho in London last night and we have uploaded some lovely pictures of a smiley Rupert in our gallery here.

Rupert Grint To Star In Comic Book Drama on NBC!

OtherProjectNewsOctober 29th, 2015, 9:36pm–Deadline is reporting today that Rupert Grint will star in a “put pilot” – meaning NBC will be airing this no matter what. The project is currently untitled, but Deadline reports that Rupert will star as a man named Rupert, whose father wrote a comic book series called the Imperial City. According to Deadline the show is about this:

Rupert, a low-level New York office drone obsessed with Imperial City, a comic book series his father created before his death. Rupert has spent his whole life believing he owned all nine issues. But when a mysterious comic book collector reveals the existence of a tenth issue, Rupert discovers that the world of Imperial City is real, and he is the one person who can save it.

This is a drama, but there is no date on when it will air. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more! How excited are you for this?

New Moonwalkers Clip and First Glimpse from Tracey Ullman Show!

moonwalkersicon2New Moonwalkers Clip and First Glimpse from Tracey Ullman Show!October 28th, 2015, 6:14pm– Today, we have to share with you two clips featuring Rupert Grint!
The first is a new video from Moonwalkers, published by the Japanese distributors. The clip consists of a scene with Rupert and Robert Sheehan as well as a trailer for the film (which comes right after the clip, so don’t switch off!).

You can watch the new clip here:

Tracey Ullman has posted a clip on Tumblr, featuring an interview from the Guy Lloyd’s 2 Min Telly Show at MIPCON in Cannes, and small snippets from the sketches. You can catch a glimpse of Rupert at 1:17min.

The Tracey Ullman Show is scheduled to air in early 2016 on BBC, while Moonwalkers is being screened at several film festivals.

Merci beaucoup à RupertGrintSource for the heads-up!

Rupert Grint in New Moonwalkers Clip & Stills!

moonwalkersicon2Rupert Grint in New Moonwalkers Clip & Stills!October 12th, 2015, 9:24am– Promotion for the Japanese release of Rupert Grint‘s latest film, Moonwalkers, is revving up nicely these days. The official Japanese website for the film has gotten a lovely new makeover and loads of new stills have been added to the site. We’ve added the ones featuring Rupert to our gallery here.

The Japanese facebook page has also uploaded a new clip featuring Rupert as Jonny being chased, trying out a new kind of weapon and chased some more. Check that out below:


本編映像【世界最速】解禁!ルパート演じるジョニーがいきなり大ピンチ〜!映像と音楽がとにかくカッコいい〜♫ 60'sロンドン最高!!

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Also, we have uploaded several beautiful HQ pictures of Rupert attending the Pride of Britain Awards in our gallery here.