Ice Cream Man

On 17 July 2004, the Rupert Grint fansite Ice Cream Man was created as part of our webmiss Tao’s personal (now defunct) website, as the lack of websites dedicated to Rupert at the time was terribly disappointing, and Tao felt that a talented young actor like Rupert deserved more recognition. The title of the site was chosen because in many interviews Rupert expressed a desire to be an ice cream man when he was younger.

The current domain was registered in December 2004, and the website began to grow, being expanded to also have several subsites, such as the Gallery, Media Site (currently under re-construction) and Rave Reviews. The site also grew by became a news partner for and Google News.
Over the years, the subsites Biography, Filmography, Press Archives and the fanzine Grintastic were added, as well as the Exclusives page and Youtube account to highlight the huge amount of coverage we had gathered over the years.


When Rupert himself learnt about the site in 2006, his immediate response was “I love that name!”. Over the past years, we have met Rupert on many more occasions.

Aside from reading news and finding information on the site, fans can contact us via email, or through our social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr; and they can subscribe to our news feed by email.

Interview about Ice Cream Man | Staff Team