Rupert Grint: Wild Target Playing At Border Mail Film Festival!

August 7th, 2010, 11:37 AM– Australian Rupert Grint Fans, your luck just keeps getting better and better. The Border Mail is hosting The Border Mail Albury-Wodonga International Film Festival, and Wild Target starring Rupert Grint, Bill Nighy, and Emily Blunt will be one of the films featured at the event. The film festival is scheduled to take place August 25th through September 5th. However, Wild Target will be showing the last evening on September 5th only.

You can take a look here for details! At the moment, tickets are unavailable, but if you missed out on seeing Wild Target at the Melbourne International Film Festival this is another great opportunity to do so! And stay tuned because staffers Amulya and Tania went to see Wild Target at the Melbourne International Film Festival, and we are sure they have plenty to share about their experience!

And if you’ve missed it, we now have screencaps of the entire Cherrybomb film, which we reported here! Checking out Malachy frame by frame is definitely something worth doing while waiting for the release of Fault Magazine!

Thanks, Ellie!

Rupert Grint’s Wild Target US Release Date Changed Again!

July 29th, 2010, 4:41pm–We have once again received confirmation that Rupert Grint‘s Wild Target has changed the US release date moving up from November 5th to October 29th. This is later than the original October 8th release, but pushed up from it’s second release date of November 5th. As always we will keep you posted on all developments concerning release dates. And because this will not be a wide release (say like a Harry Potter movie) we will be sure to keep fans posted of when the movie will be playing in various US cities.

A little trivia for you. Back in 2006 Driving Lessons opened up in October the same week that one of the Saw movies opened. If the date continues to hold true, Wild Target will open up to another Saw movie, Saw 3D. Pretty neat stuff, huh?

Also if you haven’t yet, please follow the twitter for Wild Target here.

Rupert Grint: Wild Target At The Melbourne International Film Festival!

Rupert Grint: Wild Target At The Melbourne International Film Festival!<br />
July 18, 2010, 9:58 PM –Hey you lucky Rupert Grint fans from “Down Under!” Here’s your chance to see his latest feature film Wild Target on the big screen! Wild Target will be one of the selections showcased at the Melbourne International Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia, which will be held between July 22nd-August 8th.

 Wild Target specifically will be shown on Monday, August 2nd at 4:45 pm and Friday, August 6th at 9:15 pm. Further details regarding the film and where you can see it can be found via the Melbourne International Film Festival site here!

If you do have an opportunity to go, don’t forget to stop by and tell us what you thought about the movie!

In addition, while not entirely new, we’ve added some medium resolution pictures of Rupert and his co-stars Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy from Wild Target to our gallery here! Thanks for the tip, Alexandra!

Don’t forget Rupert Grint and his Harry Potter brothers James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley) are trekking it across Europe for a good cause in the Barmy to Barcelona Rally to raise money for RNLI! Check out our previous news post, here, to follow their progress. And don’t forget to donate!

Rupert Grint’s Wild Target in French gets a DVD cover preview!

July 17, 2010, 2:37 PM — There is so much Rupert Grint news coming your way and we are excited to share  it all with you. Firstly, We have just received a preview of the DVD cover of the French version of the British comedy Wild Target starring Rupert Grint, Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt.  

It has the French Movie Poster on the front as well as a lovely shot of Rupert on back of the cover. The DVD cover on the back also says about extra  features like “40 min Making of Featurette” and “Deleted Scenes commented by Jonathan Lynn” .  Any futher details with regards to the  DVD, we will surely let you know. Just keep checking for updates here.

Here is the preview of the Wild Target French DVD cover-

Thanks Laura for the tip.

We have a behind-the-scenes photo the cast of Wild Target. It shows Rupert Grint with this co-stars Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt with Sammy the cat.  It looks like that the cat had a role to play in the movie because this is what the owner of the cat has to say about this picture in her email to us.

“I took it on my mobile after Sammy’s last scene, it was just a spur of the moment thing.  Sammy was died pink by a dog groomer friend of mine.They used the animal dye that they dye poodles and the such with. He was good as gold but he remained white with a tinge of pink for about 6 months
after! lol I kept sending him out in the rain! “

We want to sincerely THANK  the owner of the cat, Tina for sharing her  lovely memories with us.  The picture is in our galleries here.

We welcome all fans to share any such pictures or personal experiences that you have of Rupert Grint , behind the scenes with us. Just email us at

In other news, we have heard that the release date for Wild Target in the US has been moved forward from its original October date to a later date sometime in November. We still have not received official confirmation but we will keep you informed as soon we get any updates on this.

Rupert Grint: New Wild Target Promotional Images!

 June 27, 2010, 2:44 PM–We have new images featuring Rupert Grint from his latest feature film, Wild Target. In these pictures, you can see Rupert’s character, Tony, wielding a gun and flexing his guns!

Check them out in our gallery here!

In addition, if you are itching to get a taste of what the soundtrack will be like, you’ll be delighted to know that French site has samples of the Wild Target soundtrack.  Check it out, here! And a full version of one of the soundtrack offerings, New Soul by artist Yael Naim can be found via Youtube, here!

If you’ve been following the British release of Wild Target, you’ll be glad to know that it’s been getting lots of good word of mouth on Twitter. So, if you’ve seen it  and enjoyed it, please stop by here to let us know,  visit us at our Wild Target MySpace page, our Wild Target Facebook page,  or put it on blast on Twitter!

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