Rave Reviews For Cherrybomb, Wild Target – Plus Vote For Rupert Grint!

Rave Reviews For Cherrybomb, Wild Target – Plus Vote For Rupert Grint!September 14th, 2010, 5:01pm–It may have seemed like rave reviews for Rupert Grint‘s non-Potter movies Cherrybomb and Wild Target stopped coming in, but with the diligence of several fans and staffer Anna‘s translation of French reviews for Wild Target, we have several to bring to you – some praising Rupert so much, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear! You can read some below!

Cherrybomb catches the audience as a clever bit of cinema between drama and thriller. Especially with its first-class trio of young actors in which Grint scintillates as a veteran of acting.
A successful change of image.
Conclusion: Well done teen thriller starring grown up Potter-sidekick Grint”

You can read the rest of the Cherrybomb reviews, starting with Attitude Magazine, here at our Rave Reviews site (which recently got its own domain).

“As much as I’m sad to see one of the great franchises, Harry Potter (with the exception of the first two films, which sucked, rot in hell, Chris Columbus) come to a close, it’s really nice to see Rupert Grint free to work on other projects…”

You can read the rest of this Wild Target review and the 6 other ones – starting with Suite 101 – posted here.

In other news, Portrait Magazine has a new poll out listing the most beautiful actors. Rupert is currently very low on the list as we have just learned about it, so please vote for him here. You can also vote for Rupert as the best dressed here with Glamour Magazine!

Thanks Melina, Kathy, Anna and Holly!

Wild Target: Official Australian Release Date

September 4th, 2010, 5:20am– We have some great news for all Aussie fans. Rupert Grint’s film Wild Target will be finally released in Australia! According to the two major cinema chains Hoyts and Event Cinemas, Wild Target will be released nationwide on Thursday, 11th November, 2010.

And to make things even better, a week later Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One will be released on Thursday, 18th November, 2010. So it looks as like November will be filled with Rupert goodness.

For more information, you can visit Hoyts and Event Cinemas websites. Prebooked tickets will can be purchased closer to the release date but we will keep you posted. So stay tuned!

Rupert Grint: Wild Target DVD Feature!

Rupert Grint: Wild Target DVD Feature!August 27th, 11:36pm–One of the features that will be on the UK Wild Target DVD will be a collection of interviews with the cast and crew of the film. Rupert Grint’s will contain about three minutes of material and will be as follows:

  • Rupert on Tony
  • Rupert on Tony’s relationship with Victor
  • Rupert on Tony’s attraction to Victor’s profession
  • Rupert on Victor’s home
  • Rupert on working with Jonathan Lynn
  • Rupert on what attracted him to working to the project
  • Rupert on working on the film

Emily Blunt also has an area where she will talk about Rupert’s character, Tony. Other interviews that may talk about Rupert are as follows:

  • Martin Freeman on the cast
  • Eileen Atkins on the appeal of the cast
  • Gregor Fisher on working with the cast
  • Jonathan Lynn on the cast
  • Jonathan Lynn on the story
  • Lucinda Coxon on the cast
  • Lucinda Coxon on the story
  • Martin Pope on Wild Target
  • Martin Pope on the relationship of the characters
  • Martin Pope on the cast

The entire length of the feature is almost 50 minutes long! Unfortunately so far this is the only extra we know of on the DVD. The minute we hear of any thing else that will be added to the DVD, we’ll let you know!

Don’t forget you can pre-order this DVD on either Amazon.co.uk in DVD and Blu-Ray as well as hmv!

Rupert Grint: Wild Target Gets A Wide Release in Australia!

August 25th, 2010, 11:56 PM–We have just spoken to the representatives with Icon Film Distribution Australia and they have confirmed to us that Rupert Grint’s latest film Wild Target is going to get a wide audience release in Australia on November 11th 2010! The film will be shown through Hoyts which is one of the biggest chain of movie theatres in Australia! Hoyts cinemas has become one of the world’s leading entertainment corporations. Hoyts Australia and New Zealand owns and operates 43 cinemas with over 400 screens and more than 75,000 seats.

We will be doing the Australian promotion and have posters and other goodies later this year so keep a look out! Congrats Aussie fans!

Update: We also wanted to update you on the release date for Wild Target’s Blu-ray release in Germany. The original date of December 9th has now been changed to January 20th 2011 according to Amazon.de.

Rupert Grint: Wild Target UK DVD On-Sale October 11th!

Rupert Grint: Wild Target UK DVD On-Sale October 11th!
August 24th, 2010, 5:43 PM– We recently reported that Rupert Grint’s latest film Wild Target will be available to rent in the UK  October 11th and now we can confirm that HMV.com will have the movie on sale for purchase the same day! Wild Target will be available in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats. Pre-orders are available at HMV.

We also have a very spoilerific thread full of new and unseen movie caps/clips of Rupert Grint as his character Tony and his co-star Emily Blunt. Really cute stuff so if you want to be spoiled then this is for you! If you haven’t joined our forum yet then why not register and join in the discussion in our forum here.

We have more of our exclusives from the Q&A coming up shortly so stick around!
And thank you JANA!