Rupert Grint attends World Premiere of Postman Pat – The Movie!

PostmanPatIconMay 11th, 2014, 8:34am– Rupert Grint has just arrived on the Red Carpet at the World Premiere of the animated film Postman Pat – The Movie at Leicester Square in London alongside Stephen Mangan and Ronan Keating!


(credit to mugim0e)

And another image from Postman Pat’s Twitter:


While there is no live stream, we will be adding photos to the Gallery. MQ | HQ

The Daily Mail has published an interview with some rather unusual questions – and some interesting answers! Click here to read.

Postman Pat – The Movie will be released in the UK on May 23, and Rupert Grint is featured on the film’s soundtrack (out on May 19) with the song “Lightning”!

UPDATE: Check out some footage from today’s premiere, including a little interview with the dashing Rupert:

Rupert Grint on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show and The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2

PostmanPatIconMay 2nd, 2014, 10:22am– It has been a busy morning for Rupert Grint. First he visted the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw and they had a nice chat. They talked about Ruperts’ upcoming movie Postman Pat and what’s even more exicting, we get a first sneakpreview of Ruperts’ song Struck by Lightning which he recorded for Postman Pat.

You can listen to the whole show here. Ruperts’ part starts at 1:08:00.


The Belfast Telegraph already summed up the interview, which you can find here.

Afterwards Rupert headed over to BBC Radio two and spoke with Chris Evans and his team of at The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. They had a lot of fun together and even got Rupert to sing the Postman Pat theme song with them. You can listen to the 33sec long song here
Also, if you like to hear the rest of the chat go over here. Ruperts’ part starts at 2:08:00.

Now it’s up to you guys. Are you as excited as we are about Postman Pat? We can’t get the songs out of our heads ;)

UPDATE: The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show is now on youtube and have been edited down to all the Rupert goodies only:

UPDATE 2: Watch Rupert on the show Entertainment Week on Sky News right here. It’s a great interview where Rupert also gives his insight into this week’s highlights in the week of entertainment. And we get to see the first clip from Postman Pat featuring Rupert as Josh. Watch it on their site here.

Rupert Grint Featured on Postman Pat Soundtrack!

PostmanPatIconApril 24th, 2014, 8:06am– 10171816_658917637478926_2794216406912578805_nThere’s just a little under a month until you can catch Rupert Grint‘s lovely voice on the big screen in the UK, and today we have some exciting news about this movie. For a long time, we have been speculating whether or not Rupert would be singing since he is voicing the character of Josh, a boyband star.

And today, the full soundtrack list tells us that Rupert will indeed be singing his very own original song. How exciting! The song is called “Lightning” and will run for 1:06 minute (what a glorious minute indeed!).
The official soundtrack will be out on May 19th and besides Rupert, you can hear some amazing artists such as Ronan Keating, Jessie J, The Wanted, Peter Gabriel and many many more.

The movie will be in cinemas on May 23rd with the London Premiere on May 11th – we are currently awaiting word on whether or not Rupert will attend this premiere.

Rupert Grint to star in “Moonwalkers” Film!

OtherMovieNewsIcon2April 11th, 2014, 6:47pm– silenis-media-audiovisuel-cinéma-moonwalk-dantoine-bardou-jacquet Rumours have been buzzing for weeks that Rupert Grint was set to star in the movie Moonwalkers – and now we are almost as certain as can be since (a very reliable source) is reporting it: Rupert will be playing the role of Jonny in the film directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet.

Rupert will be starring in this film alongside Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy and Hellboy) and former Cherrybomb co-star Robert Sheehan. The film is scheduled start filming in mid-May and until the end of June in Brussels, Belgium.

You can read a synopsis of the film here (we are still unsure if it’s being called Moonwalkers or Moonwalk since both titles are being used around the web):

July 1969. Kidman Tom, a special agent of the CIA, was sent to London to find Stanley Kubrick and convince him to film a fake moon landing in case the Apollo mission would fail. It is not Kubrick, but in its place, Jonny, manager of a seedy rock band. Jonny is the bad dream Kidman. Kidman is the nightmare of Jonny. They have no choice but to work together to accomplish their mission, their lives and develop the biggest scam of all time.

We are still awaiting 100% confirmation from Rupert‘s reps but we hope to get that as soon as possible.

How do you like the sound of this project? Are you excited to see Rupert play Jonny? :D

UPDATE: We have heard from Rupert’s reps, and he is definitely attached to this project and we will hopefully get the 100% confirmation soon, but they are still sorting out the paperwork at the moment. So fingers crossed everybody!

Rupert Grint becomes an Ambassador for Starlight Children’s Foundation!

RupertNewsIconApril 8th, 2014, 8:42am– The Starlight Children’s Foundation has just named Rupert Grint an official amassador for their charity. You might remember that Rupert attended a christmas party for the Starlight charity where we saw him meet Callum (pictured below) who is a huge Harry Potter and Ron Weasley fan.

Rupert had this to say about this great honour:

It was a great pleasure to help Starlight grant Callum’s wish before Christmas and I really look forward to doing more to support this wonderful charity. I have seen first hand just how much of an impact a Starlight Wish can have on a seriously ill child – it really makes a huge difference to them and their family – so I am delighted to become a Starlight Ambassador

Neil Swan, Chief Executive of Starlight Children’s Foundation, had this to say about Rupert becoming an ambassador:

We are thrilled to welcome Rupert on board as an Ambassador. With his experience of Starlight’s work, popularity with young children and families, great sense of fun and charm, Rupert is perfect for Starlight and we are very excited about working with him.