Rupert Grint And Co-stars Featured In Kino Stars Magazine!

Rupert Grint And Co-stars Featured In Kino Stars Magazine!
June 12, 2009, 8:54 AM–The latest in the series of magazines doing features on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a German magazine Kino Stars. They have a nice treat for the fans: a lengthy feature and two XXL posters: one of Daniel Radcliffe and one of Rupert Grint! (So it’s a must buy for German fans!) The posters can be seen on the cover.

Many thanks to our friend Sabine for sending over the scans of all Rupert/Ron related pages and translating the feature. There are no new photos or information, but still it’s a nice read. For example, they report on the list Empire Magazine recently published (20 Stars who hadn’t been born when Empire started), and observe that Empire is expecting quite a lot from Rupert Grint in the future, because “one of his qualities is that he is inconspicuous. Thus he can play almost every role possible.” (Yes, it’s a compliment!)

There’s also a short bit about Cherrybomb: “Daniel Radcliffe appeared onstage without clothing some time ago and caused quite a stir. In the play Equus, Daniel stripped naked and the mothers of the younger Harry Potter fans heavily objected. Back then, the worried ladies could at least count on Rupert Grint alias Ron Weasley. But that’s over now! Because in his new movie the red-headed young wizard can be seen ‘how God made him’. Cherrybomb deals with two friends who fall for the same girl. Of course that can’t go without the ensuing complications. And for Rupert, the nude scene with his partner Kimberley Nixon wasn’t too easy either: ‘After Harry Potter, I just wanted to do something else – and this movie was a big challenge!’”

The caption for the pic with love sick Ron with the heart shaped box says: “Will Ron be able to give away his heart despite of his shyness?”

View the scans in our gallery here, and thanks again Sabine!

UPDATE: Wild Target news have finally started popping up: we have just learned that the soundtrack has been completed! The acclaimed British composer Michael Price has just finished the score for Wild Target — incidentally, he also composed music for Kimberley Nixon‘s latest flick Wild Child! Read about his recent projects here.

UPDATE 2: More on Wild Target! Yesterday we published the very first behind-the-scenes images, and today Adam Rosenberg with MTV Movies Blog is already gushing about them! Read his article here, leave your comments and don’t forget to mention Cherrybomb and our campaign! Come on Rupert’s Army!

Exclusive: Rupert Grint And Cherrybomb Rave Reviews! Plus HQ Promo!

February 25, 2009, 3:06 PM–Rupert Grint’s latest movie Cherrybomb has been touring festivals recently, and today we have some more reviews to share with you. First, our staffer Neglo (who turns 16 today — happy birthday dear!) has just completed her exclusive Cherrybomb review and report. As you know, she attended the final Berlinale screening of Cherrybomb. Read her article here (beware of spoilers!)

We also found a fantastic long review published by DrFunkenberry. Wanna know what they had to say about Rupert’s performance?

We are familiar, of course, with Grint’s work in the Harry Potter movies as Harry’s funny and fiercely loyal best friend Ron Weasley. So it is particularly interesting to watch his performance as a Belfast youth, caught between a stable, comfortable home life and his desire to prove himself a dangerous ‘bad boy’ to impress the alluring Michelle and keep pace with his truly wild best friend Luke. In this film, Grint is unrecognizable from his Ron Weasely persona. He makes an impressive transformation, both physically, trading Ron’s shaggy ginger locks for rockabilly slicked-back hair, and in his character. With an insouciant smirk and latent intensity behind a calm exterior, Grint is convincing as Malachy, a hard-partying guy who is essentially a good kid with a rebellious streak, an “A” student and a poet armed with a can of spray paint.

They also praise the rest of the cast and the film in general. Read the article here (warning: it also contains some spoilers).

UPDATE: You may read on some sites that Rupert is not attending the Belfast premiere. We mentioned early on that while this is most likely true, we decided to not post anything about this yet, because things might change and we do not want to confuse the fans. And in any case ICM staff will still be in attendance there to bring you more exclusives!

UPDATE #2: A high quality promotional image, featuring Malachy and Michele sitting in front of the Leisureplex, from Cherybomb can be seen here!

Rupert Grint At Dublin Film Festival? And More!

cbnews1Rupert Grint At Dublin Film Festival? And More!January 28, 2009, 1:55 PM– While you continue to soak in the interview with Rupert Grint about Cherrybomb, we have a few other things to share with you. Recently the Dublin International Film Festival personal has informed us that Rupert is confirmed for the screening on February 20th. However, Rupert’s people are relunctant to confirm anything at this time because of his very busy schedule. We continue to be in constant contact with them and will let you know the minute we can confirm his appearance 100%. 

Thanks to the Berlinal Film Festival website, we can give you our first rave review for the film! “the relation triangle is presented convincingly by new generation stars Rupert Grint, Robert Sheehan and Kimberley Nixon.” With this, we also have a little bit of new information about the film. “Luke and Malachy celebrate wild parties as well in the british World Premiere of Cherrybomb by Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa – once with car crashs, once with rampaged feelings.” In another article, the film is described as: “drug soaked and focuses on the dark side of growing up.”

We also have some more tidbits coming up in future posts, so keep checking back for the latest!

Rupert Grint Rave Reviews Update!

Rupert Grint Rave Reviews Update!

January 24, 2009, 1:14 PM–While we await the latest news, I have discovered some more great reviews of Rupert Grint‘s previous movie roles. Thus I have just updated our Rave Reviews section with six reviews of “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone” (starting from NYC Movies), and seven reviews of “Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets” (starting from Movie Eye). Here’s just a few quotes from the COS era:

“Reprising their roles, Radcliffe, Grint, and Watson are able to once again find that camaraderie that is essential to their characters, with Grint stealing the show with his facial expressions and mannerisms.”

“After narrowly escaping with earnest friend Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint, great fun again) in Ron’s dad’s flying, turquoise Ford Anglia, Harry’s adventure begins.”

“Rupert Grint, who plays Harry’s best pal Ron Weasley, also had a growth spurt between films, but he remains the everykid who grounds the story in earthy good humor.”

UPDATE: Thanks to Dunigan for letting us know that the rumour that a new “Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince” trailer would be attached to Inkheart (in the US at least) was indeed false. The trailer that was played before Inkhart was the one released a few months ago, with the remarkable scene of Ron’s poisoning in it.

More Rupert Grint Rave Reviews!

More Rupert Grint Rave Reviews! January 16, 2009, 6:30PM–It has been long known that we at ICM have an insatiable appetite for any articles praising our favourite actor. Therefore, while we await the Cherrybomb reviews to start flooding, it never hurts to read more rave reviews of Rupert Grint‘s previous movie roles. I have just added seven new/old reviews of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (starting from Film Threat), plus a few articles to all other pages of our Rave Reviews section. Here’s a selection of these new quotes:

“Rupert Grint brings the right wisecracking Everyboy flavor to Harry’s pal Ron…” (Sorcerer’s Stone)

“Grint, with his rubbery face, displays great comic timing as Ron, who makes up in spell casting what he believes he lacks in social status.” (Sorcerer’s Stone)

“Because of its tricky subject matter, Goblet of Fire requires a careful balance of doom and gloom as well as adolescent frolic and a dash of nifty special effects. […] Especially with the latter, the tone is just right, captured humorously by Ron Weasley – dealing with dating, hand-me-downs, and friendly jealousy.” (Goblet of Fire)

“In fact, the action sequences aren’t half as interesting as the humorous awkwardness of our young heroes as they navigate the dangers of being 14. Radcliffe and Grint have some electric sequences as anger and jealousy threaten Harry and Ron’s friendship…” (Goblet of Fire)

… and my favourite one:

“The chap can handle a close-up. We see him register the obvious disconnect as his teary-eyed mom utters the mantra of the minister’s wife: ‘We’re God’s ambassadors – we show the world a smiling face.’ Or the quiet disappointment as his father buries himself in bird books. Shorup-ship-see, shorup-ship-see – he tries to teach Ben the skylark’s call. Ben stands there, quiet, pained, aching to break free.” (Driving Lessons)

Read the rest in our Rave Reviews section.