Rave Reviews and New Scans!

I have taken the time to redo one of the best sections on ICM called “Rave Reviews.” Those familiar with the site know of the section, but we have had a lot of new people, and we wanted to share that section, featuring all of Rupert Grint’s best critic reviews for each movie, with them and give a new layout to those who have seen it. The new layout now involves wordpress so updates will be known there and you can comment on that section when new reviews are posted. You can view that here.

Also we have scans from a magazine called “Pretty Girl” that was released recently. The scans contain no new pictures. I am unsure of at this time whether any of it contains any new information. So anyone who can translate, please let us know! You may view those scans here.

UPDATE: More Rupert/Ron Buzz! There isn’t any new information but the Dailystar.co.uk posted a little tidbit about The Half Blood Prince movie with “Ron Weasley” in it’s headline! Again it just shows you how much the media is noticing Rupert this time around! Finally right? You can check it out here!

And here’s some more HBP buzz (courtesy of DailyMail Online), with already familiar but nevertheless gorgeous photos of Rupert/Ron here!