Pre-Order THAT Magazine With Rupert Grint Cover!

Pre-Order THAT Magazine With Rupert Grint Cover!June 17th, 2011, 1:53am–A few months ago we announced that Rupert Grint would be in France’s THAT Magazine‘s July issue. Today you can start pre-ordering that issue. They will have a few covers to offer so you’ll have to chose Rupert’s cover when you go to the site to pre-order. For those wondering other covers include Jared Leto and Jenna Malone. The magazine will be 8 pounds (not counting shipping and handling). You can pre-order here. Incidentally, Anna Popplewell will also be in this particular issue. What’s the Rupert connection? She played opposite of him in Thunderpants!

Here is a nice shot of what the magazine cover will look like:

UPDATE: We finally have the HQ pictures of Rupert in his skeleton T-shirt. Enjoy them here

Behind The Scenes of Rupert Grint’s Attitude Photoshoot!

Behind The Scenes of Rupert Grint’s Attitude Photoshoot!June 12th, 2011, 12:44pm–Yesterday Rupert Grint participated in a new magazine photoshoot with Attitude Magazine. The photographer stylist released some behind-the-scenes pictures of the shoot which you can view in our galleries here. Right now we do not know when the magazine will be out, but apparently Rupert may have gotten more of a haircut than he already had for Comrade. Hopefully this will be one of many photoshoots coming out to help promote Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Remember that Rupert will be in THAT Magazine next month.

Rupert was also nominated for a Portal Award. He’s up against two Harry Potter co-stars – Daniel Radcliffe and Ralph Fiennes – as well as Leonardo Dicaprio and Chris Hemsworth. Major competition! Voting begins on June 25th and we will let you know as soon as voting opens.

UPDATE: The issue of Attitude Magazine will be the July 2011 issue and will hit newsstands in late June. If anyone is able to get scans, please send them in!

UPDATE 2: Sorry, guys! We were asked to remove the images, so we did just that. :/ The July issue of Attitude that will feature Rupert will be out later this months, so best get excited already. However, we now know that Rupert’s shoe size is 43 (Europe) / 9 (UK) / 10 (US)… 🙂

Rupert Grint In Empire Magazine’s Harry Potter Issue!

May 22nd, 2011, 10:21pm–A few weeks ago we told you about an upcoming special edition for Harry Potter in the UK’s Empire Magazine. Rupert Grint and his co-stars not only took part in the interview but they did a special photoshoot just for them. The first one was released online to promote the issue, but as the date nears – May 26th – we have yet another great photo of Rupert. The Sun has an exclusive preview which includes Rupert and his co-star Emma Watson discussing the franchise. You can read the entire thing here. One of the great quotes can be read below:

He admits it is odd not to be working with the rest of the cast any more, saying: “These films account for 11 years of my life, so it’s really very strange to finally have finished them.

“Potter gives you a safety net, so that if you go off in between you always know you will be coming back to Potter.
“Suddenly that will be taken away, so on a professional level it’s a bit frightening.”

You can also see some images in our galleries here.

There will also be a Rupert only cover of the magazine.

UPDATE : Here is more about Empire Magazine. Firstly the scans in HQ of the Cover, the pic and interview in our Gallery here. The the MQ of the Cover here. More to come. Thanks Vincent.

UPDATE 2 : Magnificent Ron Weasley Studio Shot here

UPDATE 3: New image of Ron and Hermione running down the stairs of Hogwarts! Clicky here!

Rupert Grint Talks His Favourite Milk Shake!

Rupert Grint Talks His Favourite Milk Shake!May 17th, 2011, 4:14 pm — As we have already been enjoying the latest images and videos of Rupert Grint‘s participation in the campaign Make Mine Milk, a new clip has been uploaded in which Rupert lets us know what milk shake flavour he would make. You can watch the clip here!

You can still try to beat Rupert’s Make Mine Milk Challenge time and win Rupert Grint goodies: Get a pint of milk and film yourself drinking it as fast as you can. State that you’re participating in the Challenge and say your time at the end. Upload the video to youtube and send a Tweet with the hashtag #milkchallenge! Good luck to everyone!

Gallery: Rupert Grint BTS Make Mine Milk And BAFTA Photoshoot Images!

Gallery: Rupert Grint BTS Make Mine Milk And BAFTA Photoshoot Images!May 10th, 2011, 8:26pm–While Rupert Grint is currently off filming Comrade in Sweden, plenty of good stuff is coming out for us to feast our eyes on. A few days ago the “Make Mine Milk” campaign was launched, the UK equivalent to “Got Milk?” in the US. Today we have some more new behind-the-scenes images for you to get lost in. You can view those here in the gallery.

But that’s not all! Today some new BAFTA photoshoot images have been released with several new poses. So now we have a milk mustache and a suit to keep us happy. You can view those BAFTA shoot images here in our galleries.