Rupert Grint: It’s Only a Play Segment on CBS Sunday Morning!

It'sOnlyAPlayIcon2Rupert Grint: It’s Only a Play Segment on CBS Sunday Morning!October 5th, 2014, 11:27am– The opening night of It’s Only a Play is inching closer and closer (now only 5 days to go) and today we got the very first footage of Rupert Grint in the play as director Frank Finger. And it’s just so great to see Rupert on stage being amazing as always.

The footage aired earlier today in a long segment about It’s Only a Play on CBS Sunday Morning where Lesley Stahl sat down with all 7 actors to talk about the play. Stahl also takes us on a tour on stage as well as backstage where interesting rituals take place each night before the show.

Enjoy the segment below and watch (and re-watch) clips of Rupert‘s Broadway debut… it’s hilarious, amazing and awesome to see:

The Mirror Interviews Rupert Grint!

RupertNewsIconThe Mirror Interviews Rupert Grint!October 3th, 2014, 6:34pm– We are getting spoiled these days with some amazing Rupert Grint news and it seems like we might just have a lot more amazingness coming up. Tonight, The Mirror has released a brand new interview they have done with Rupert and we learn so many new lovely things about him – this interview touches on anything from money, new pets, a potential girlfriend and even religion.

Below is an endearing quote about a new girl in Rupert‘s life:

Despite the obvious lure of Hollywood – and he is chatting from a rented apartment in Manhattan – Rupert has no plans to up sticks and leave the UK for good.
“I like England – it’s my home,” he says.
Helping him feel at home in the Big Apple is a new addition to the Grint household – a tortoise called Madeleine. She’s not named after anyone in particular (no money-grabbing ex-girlfriend?) – she “just looked like a Maddie”.

We also get yet another lovely quote from Rupert’s current co-stars. This time it is Matthew Broderick speaking about Rupert’s Broadway debut:

“He is really sweet… so hardworking and diligent, and to see a young fellow get his first Broadway shot is just a pleasure to watch.”

Don’t hesitate to head over to their website (HERE!) and read the entire interview – it’s a great read.

Also, Rupert will join the rest of the It’s Only a Play cast on CBS Sunday Morning to talk about what actors REALLY think of critics’ reviews. So stay tuned for that!

Nathan Lane Talks Rupert Grint’s Broadway Debut!

It'sOnlyAPlayIcon2Nathan Lane Talks Rupert Grint’s Broadway Debut!October 1st, 2014, 6:30am– October is here and there is only 9 days until Rupert Grint‘s play It’s Only a Play will have its opening night – we can’t wait. In the meantime, the cast has begun doing promotional work on various shows (did you catch Rupert on Access Hollywood? If not, read more here!) and last night Nathan Lane stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers for another hilarious interview.

It’s definitely worth checking out the clip below where Nathan praises Rupert on his Broadway debut and talks about Rupert’s fans – we’re apparently making an impression on Mr. Lane. Watch here:

We’re looking forward to seeing Rupert on more shows and it’s already been announced that he will talk about It’s Only a Play on The Today Show on October 7th, so stay tuned for some great stuff coming up.

Access Hollywood Chats With Rupert Grint!

IOAP Icon1Access Hollywood Chats With Rupert Grint!September 26th, 2014, 4:09pm–Yesterday Rupert Grint sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss his role as Sir Frank Finger in It’s Only A Play. The website has released the video for all to see! In an almost 5 minute hilarious interview, Rupert talks the play, his role, hanging out with F. Murray Abraham at a jazz show, and so much more. The interview also touches on some of the great jokes that poke fun at some of Broadway’s biggest stars, especially a great Daniel Radcliffe joke. You can watch the interview by going here. The play opens officially opens on Broadway on October 9th and is currently in previews. It’s bringing in a ton of money, a ton of laughs, and great reviews. If you get the chance, go see it by getting tickets here. You won’t be disappointed!

Rupert Grint Chats With Broadway Direct!

IOAP Icon1Rupert Grint Chats With Broadway Direct!September 24th, 2014, 4:06pm–Today Broadway Direct released an interview with Rupert Grint and It’s Only A Play playwright Terrance McNally. Rupert talks a lot about Frank Finger and how and why he chose to do the play:

“When I read the script, I loved the character immediately,” says Grint, who is much more low-key in conversation than “Sir” Frank. “He’s already been knighted and is on top of his game, but he’s sick of being glorified. He’s also a borderline kleptomaniac, bold and ridiculous and kind of crazy, which is really, really fun for me. The play has such a rich variety of characters, all wanting different things from the reviews.”

A little bit of a review of Rupert’s performance was also talked about:

his assured and hilarious performance as director Frank Finger in It’s Only a Play. Clad in an eye-popping print suit, his red hair gelled like a rock star’s, Grint makes a vivid comic impression as an arrogant critics’ darling, lamenting with a pout, “I can’t help it — I was born charismatic.”

Read the entire article here!