Rupert Grint: Exclusive Interview with Into the White’s soundtrack composer Nils Petter Molvær!

Rupert Grint: Exclusive Interview with Into the White’s soundtrack composer Nils Petter Molvær!December 6th, 2011, 4:16 AM– A few days ago, we all got to enjoy our first glimpses of Rupert Grint in the first trailer for Into the White, and we also got to listen to the first sounds of the film’s score.

We had the opportunity to interview Nils Petter Molvær, the soundtrack composer for Into the White, who explained about working with Petter Næss and his inspiration for the soundtrack.

You can read the full interview here to get an idea of what you may expect from the score.

In addition to the interview, here is a first teaser poster for Into the White by Alen Grujic, thanks to Zentropa Norway:

Rupert Grint: Exclusive – Into the White TRAILER!

Rupert Grint: Exclusive – Into the White TRAILER!November 30th, 2011, 4:50 AM– We have some BIG NEWS for you right now! Zentropa has just released the brilliant trailer for Rupert Grint‘s new film, Into the White, exclusively on the Norwegian website,! There is no doubt that this trailer will make everyone even more excited about this film – even though you wouldn’t think it was possible. Petter Næss has seemingly done a superb job with this film!!

Take a look at the trailer here!

We are working on a translation of the article as we speak, but we didn’t want you to wait for the trailer any longer! Among the good stuff in the article, the Norwegian actor Stig Henrik Hoff says the following about Rupert Grint:

“He’s and all-around gentleman. Charming, funny and a f****** good actor! Always bloody well prepared, the script just spurts right out of him. Had he been a sour movie star with diva-like qualities it would have been absolutely awful, but he certainly wasn’t anything like that.”


UPDATE #1: You can now read the entire article from here

UPDATE #2: Many of you may not be able to understand the German and Norwegian parts of the trailer, which is why we decided to translate the bits for you – they should be in order:

Headings: Grotli, Norway, April 27, 1940. The war is raging in Europe. Zentropa presents Into the White. A film by Petter Næss

Schwarz: And what do we do now?
Schopis: We return to the coast, catch up with our army and go back to war.

Heading: Inspired by real events

Schopis: You’re officially prisoners of the Third Reich
Schwarz: Shouldn’t we shoot them?
Schopis: No.
Schwarz: Why not?
Schopis: We’re no Hottentotten, Schwarz.

Norwegian ski patrol 1: We’ve come upon a burned out German air plane here (points on map)
Norwegian ski patrol 2: The crew?
Norwegian ski patrol 1: [I/we] don’t know

Heading: In cinemas March 9 2012

UPDATE #3: The promotional adventure of Into the White is slowly getting off the ground. This also means that the film now has OFFICIAL sites at social networks which has been approved by Zentropa.

We recommend that you “Like” the Facebook Page here, “Subscribe” to the YouTube Channel here and “Follow” the Twitter here.

That way you will get all the official news and videos first! 🙂

Rupert Grint: ICM Exclusive – Into the White preview in Stockholm!

Rupert Grint: ICM Exclusive – Into the White preview in StockholmNovember 17th, 2011, 11:15AM– Greetings from Stockholm International Film Festival! A peview of Into the White, the new film with Rupert Grint, was shown at the film festival here in Stockholm as a part of the Work in Progress section which took place today at Filmhuset, Bio Mauritz.

ICM was represented by four lucky staff members who got the chance to see and hear new things about the film formerly known as Comrade – Anna, Karo, Majbritt and pseudo-staffer Malene. It was a 30 minute presentation which included a chat with Norwegian director Petter Næss and the Danish producer and co-owner of Zentropa, Peter Aalbæk Jensen as well as three clips from the film.

We can tell you that the film looks very promising and we will see Rupert in a completely different role and setting than we’ve ever seen before.

After the presentation, we had the chance to have a short chat with Petter Næss about the film. He was extremely excited about the whole project – as much as we all are. More about this later – but do stay tuned this coming week. We might have more Into the White related goodies coming to you very soon 😉

Karo, Malene, Petter, Majbritt and Anna

Update: Our time in Stockholm is almost over now – but what a trip it has been. Today we had an appointment to meet up with Into the White director Petter Næss at Berns Hotel here in Stockholm – and it ended up being a whole hour of chatting about everything from Rupert, Into the White and the myth that Danish people drink a lot of beer (which of course is not true – at all… 😉 ). We will make sure to get the interview published ASAP – but be patient with us! Transcribing an hour’s worth of talking takes time – but we’ll be as quick as possible.