Rupert Grint: ICM Exclusive – Our Night on the Red Carpet!

Rupert Grint: ICM Exclusive – Our Night on the Red Carpet!March 6th, 2012, 5:20PM– It’s not only Rupert Grint doing all the work in Oslo these days – our ICM girls Karo and Kathy have been very busy in Norway – gathering goodies for you all to enjoy. We are now ready to show you the first batch of videos and pictures from the red carpet at the WORLD PREMIERE of Into the White at Folketeateret in Oslo. Also, we have a few teasers from the press day yesterday!

In the first video you see some of our favourite guys, the Norwegian director Petter Næss and Norwegian actor Stig Henrik Hoff arriving on the red carpet – you can see it here!

The second clip from the red carpet shows the two German actors David Kross and Florian Lukas with the Næss and Hoff – click here to see it!

Click here for the third clip mostly shows the British actor Lachlan Nieboer arriving at the red carpet event

The fourth clip is probably the one you’ve all been waiting for the most as it includes Rupert Grint and you can hear what he has to say to ICM as well as the surrounding journalists. Also, it shows all the actors on the red carpet posing together for pictures.

We also have some pictures from the red carpet event that was taken by the ICM girls – and you can see them all in our gallery by clicking here!

We will have a lot more stuff from yesterday’s press day – but just to keep your interests peaked, you can see a few of our pictures in the gallery! There are pictures from the press conference, the photocall and the introduction leading up to the world premiere itself.

New articles from the Norwegian press has surfaced – you can read them here: Into the White is ready to premiere – SPOILER ALERT! The Harry Potter Effect Like being on the moon Hoping for “Max Manus” potential It helps with alcohol

Filmfest Oslo released their own video from the premiere on Facebook – and you can see it on their profile here!

Rupert Grint: ICM Exclusive! Into the White with Mr. Hoff!

Rupert Grint: ICM Exclusive! Into the White with Mr. Hoff!January 17th, 2011, 9:10AM– We have another ICM Exclusive coming your way – and this time it is an interview with Stig Henrik Hoff who plays Wolfgang Strunk opposite Rupert Grint in the new film Into the White by Petter Næss!

The Norwegian actor Stig Henrik Hoff was gracious enough to sit down and answer some questions from the ICM staff. He is known to be a man with a playful and light-hearted personality, and this is definitely the Stig who we heard from last night. You can read all about his experience filming Into the White in Norway’s extreme weather conditions, what he thought of Rupert Grint‘s skiing abilities and how he felt about the character Strunk. Here’s a sneak peek of what mr. Hoff had to say about Rupert:

We had a great time shooting, a lot of fun and laughs, and Rupert impressed me! Young guy, dead on, always dead on, well prepared and funny, generous, without any moviestar-shit, such a likeable person.

You can read the entire interview with Mr. Hoff here!

Zentropa Norway has released a brand new poster for the film, and we’re happy to show you guys a HQ version of the brilliant poster showing the five main characters with the dramatic background of a Norwegian landscape. The new poster is made by Alen Grujic, Madebyhandverk & Scanbox. Great work! 🙂

David Kross, Stig Henrik Hoff, Florian Lukas, Rupert Grint and Lachlan Nieboer

You can see the poster in its entirety here!

Also, Zentropa Norway has been awesome to share the latest stills from Into the White with us – in HQ, of course! You can head over to our gallery to see them – here!

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Rupert Grint: Into the White at Blått Lerret and Behind the Scenes goodies!

Rupert Grint: Into the White at Blått Lerret and Behind the Scenes goodies!January 9th, 2011, 3:36PM– The year 2012 is sure to bring a lot of exciting news about the new film with Rupert Grint, Into the White – and here is the first one. Into the White will play a part at the film event, Blått Lerret (Blue Screen) at Parkteatret in Oslo, Norway – the event will include a clip from the film as well as a visit from the film’s director, Petter Næss, the co-owner of Zentropa, Peter Aalbæk Jensen, and the Norwegian actor Stig Henrik Hoff.

Blått Lerret is a monthly film event where you get the chance to see clips from upcoming Norwegian films and hear what directors, actors and other contributors can tell viewers about the films in question. Blått Lerret is also a great opportunity for a nice get-together with people from the industry and others simply interested in films.

We have gained access to four older, but very brilliant, articles from the set of Into the White – a great look behind the scenes of what looks like the film of the year 🙂 You can find the links for all four articles below – but first, take a look at what Rupert reveals:

It’s fun, but it’s been physical challenging. I wasn’t prepared for it to be this extreme.

“Filming an anti-war film” – read the article here!
“Film stars in action at Hjelle” – here!
“Blew up warplane during film shoot on Strynefjellet” – here!
“Filming a war drama on Strynefjellet” – here!

Thanks to Malene for translating the articles!

You can also look at some “behind the scenes” pictures in our gallery – which are all taken by various Norwegian media such as,, and Among other things, the pictures show how the plane was exploded as well as some extreme weather conditions.

Take a look here!

Picture from

Rupert Grint At The Deathly Hallows Part 2 DVD Launch!

Rupert Grint At The Deathly Hallows Part 2 DVD Launch!November 12th, 2011, 9:40pm–As you all know, Rupert Grint along with many of his Harry Potter co-stars including, but not limited to, Evanna Lynch, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps and Mark Williams, are at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida to promote the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 which is out now in the US on blu-ray and DVD. This weekend had an array of events including a red carpet tonight to celebrate the final film’s DVD release. You can view pictures of the even in our gallery here. Hopefully more pictures to come! Stay tuned!

And yes, Rupert has expressed interest in getting a Twitter account, but I’d advise everyone to not follow anyone until it’s confirmed. There are sadly a lot of people who think it’s funny to string fans along like that.

UPDATE: Several updates for you. First a video interview from E! that was suppose to be posted last night but apparently something messed up. Apologies! Secondly we have HQ pictures now from the even which can be viewed here. And lastly a picture from the Q&A event here.

Rupert Grint: New Harry Potter Clip, Biography Update!

Rupert Grint: New Harry Potter Clip, Biography Update!November 11th, 2011, 9:39 am– While Rupert Grint is currently getting ready for a weekend at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando to promote today’s US release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on DVD and BluRay, we have several Harry-Potter related news:

First, thanks to, a new clip has surfaced with interviews with Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe, talking about Harry standing up against Snape, along with several behind-the-scenes shots:

You can also see the first pictures of Rupert at the Wizarding World yesterday here in our Gallery.

And finally, we have brought the current chapter of our Rupert Grint Biography up-to-date, including all the recent events about art, music videos, awards, photoshoots and premieres. Read it here.

And don’t forget to vote for Rupert at the People’s Choice Awards in the category Movie Star under 25!

Update: As a part of the big promotional tour in Orlando, Rupert visited the Today Show this morning together with Jason Isaac and Evanna Lynch.

Source! 🙂