Rupert Grint’s film Driving Lessons to be released on BluRay!

Rupert Grint’s film Driving Lessons to be released on BluRay!August 13th, 4:54am– While Rupert Grint‘s film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is now the third-highest grossing film of all times, we have not forgotten about Rupert’s previous films!

Driving Lessons, which stars Rupert alongside the two Oscar-nominees Julie Walters and Laura Linney, is being re-released in Germany on 6 October on DVD and will also be available – for the first time – on BluRay!
The DVD and BluRay will not only feature the film in both English and German (so you can all enjoy the original version contaning ALL F***’s), but also some Extras:

– A behind-the-scene featurette
– Out-takes/Deleted Scenes
– an interview with Rupert Grint (see the screencaps in our Gallery)

You can pre-order the BluRay here and the DVD here via (You can also order from other countries!)

For more info on Driving Lessons, check our Filmography and read the Rave Reviews!

On a side (or rather, site) note: We will be cleaning up our Gallery in the upcoming days, so the folders will move around quite a bit. We apologise for the temporary inconvenience, but once we are finished, it will be easier to find what you want.

Exclusive: 2006 High Quality Rupert Grint Photoshoot!

Exclusive: 2006 High Quality Rupert Grint Photoshoot!February 1st, 2011, 8:37pm–You may remember some time ago a photoshoot that involved several pictures of Rupert Grint near a truck that were done to promote Driving Lessons. However these pictures were on the small side and heavily tagged. Today Ice Cream Man can exclusively bring you high quality, untagged versions of these pictures for you! You can view the six gorgeous images here in our galleries.

In other exciting news, Warner Bros. has officially released the date and details of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 DVD and Blu-Ray. The release date for the US will be April 15th and the release date for the UK will be April 11th. Unfortunately the feature of Rupert Grint the regular guy seems to have been just a rumor as the details do not state this to be true. However, in its place? Rupert, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson having fun running through the forest competition. Sounds like a lot of fun! We’ll let you know when websites start with the pre-ordering of the DVD and Blu-Ray!

Rupert Grint: Total Film Photoshoot Hits The Net!

2199z7dRupert Grint: Total Film Photoshoot Hits The Net!
December 24th, 2009, 10:21AM–As many of you know, we were the first bring you scans from the latest  issue of Total Film Magazine which featured a photoshoot with Rupert Grint as Napoleon Dynamite as part of their celebration of  the last decade in film. Now Total  (click it, he’s on the main page too!!!) has placed the picture on their website which can been seen here. Although it’s not exactly Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, it’s also interesting to note that two of the actresses that participated in the photoshoot have ties to Rupert. First, there’s  Kaya Scodelario, who (as we reported previously) will pose alongside Rupert for a special BAFTA portfolio photoshoot for  In-Style Magazine along with Jamie Campbell Bower, and Tamsin Egerton, who portrayed Rupert’s second (if we count Hermione) on-screen crush as Sarah in Driving Lessons.

Rupert Grint Filmography Now Online!

Rupert Grint Filmography Now Online!
October 25, 2009, 10:45am–As Rupert Grint is a busy actor with no less than three feature films coming out next year (Cherrybomb, Wild Target and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I), we are very happy to present our new sub-site Rupert Grint Filmography!
With a focus on Rupert and his characters, we have assembled all the information you need (you DO need to know what Ron is eating on his first train ride to Hogwarts, don’t you?). Aside from his films, you can also find lots of (new!) information on Rupert’s TV and radio work.
Instead of simply picking up facts from well-known movie websites, we have done research, re-read our freshly-launched Press Archives, browsed this website and shook up our Pensieves. And of course we watched, re-watched, rewinded, stopped and watched-in-slow-motion all the films (or, as in the case of Half-Blood Prince and Cherrybomb, took notes in the darkness of the theatre).
Go check it out here, and we hope you enjoy the amazing layout… doesn’t it remind you of the comfy interior of a theatre? 😉
And a big round of applause for our amazing staffer Karo who singlehandedly wrote and built 90% of the Filmography subsite! Girl, you rock!

Happy 21st Birthday, Rupert Grint!


August 24, 2009, 7:24pm–As any die hard Rupert Grint fan knows, Rupert was born on this day, August 24th. Since it is after midnight in the UK he has now turned the ripe age of 21! Why is this so special? Because now in the states, Rupert can legally drink and gamble! If you remember when Rupert was promoting Driving Lessons we learned that his father, Nigel, had to keep grabbing drinks out of his hands because of the age limit here!  So now, when Rupert promotes Wild Target and Cherrybomb (hopefully that will be soon!), he won’t have to worry about anyone grabbing a drink out of his hand. And then he can head on over to Las Vegas and have some fun on the slots.

On a serious note, it has been fun watching Rupert grow up. I didn’t get to be a fan right when the Harry Potter movies came out. He was 15 by that time. But it has been fun watching him go from this young teenager to this gorgeous, on the inside and out, young man. And I think we all plan to watch him go from a young adult to a seasoned actor middle age and beyond adult. 😉

You can leave your birthday greetings to Rupert in the comments and we will send them to him! Our special treat includes four amazing drawings by Lilly (which you can see here, here, here and here); and the gorgeous graphic used in this post is by our very own Val!

UPDATE: Rupert says thanks for the birthday wishes. He has lots of work tomorrow, and they’re heading back from V Festival. Best wishes from Rupert! Rupert also mentions stopping by sometime soon so everybody on your best behaviour. 😉

UPDATE 2:Rupert made more comments from the V-festival. Among them are his feelings about Oasis having to pull out of the festival. The Sun.

“I’m gutted. I was looking forward to Oasis. It was going to be the highlight of my weekend.”

Well Rupes we hope you still had a good time and hope you get to see Oasis sometime soon.

UPDATE 3: More reports have surfaced from the V Festival, and according to BBC Rupert said that Amy Winehouse’s performance was a highlight:

“They were doing their usual set and she came on in Ghost Town and everyone went crazy. She was on good form.”

The article is a accompanied by a hilarious photo of Rupert with his horse head mask, which can be seen in our gallery here! And, according to this source, the attempt to hide behind the mask was unsuccessful because the fans recognised his T-shirt and his legendary US flag chucks! 😀

Thanks Marite!