Rupert Grint: New Interview with!

Rupert Grint: New Interview with!July 29, 2012, 7:08am– has released a brand new interview with Rupert Grint where we get a bunch of great new quotes about all his recent projects, the Olympics, life on the Harry Potter set and even his favourite pets.

Rupert talks a great deal about playing Cheetah Chrome in CBGB and what it was like portraying a real person that is still alive today:

Cheetah Chrome was actually on set. It’s the first time I’ve played a real person and there’s a pressure to get it right. I also have to play the guitar, which I can’t do – I was faking it. I learned the chords and rough shapes but you won’t see my hands too much in the film. It’s amazing he’s still alive, given the amount of drugs he did. He’s got a young son who was a big Harry Potter fan, so it was nice to meet him.
Cheetah had some advice about my performance and I had to get his voice right – he had quite a distinctive drug-affected mumbling voice and I had to do an American accent. We’re both ginger so look similar. Hopefully people will buy it.

He was also asked about his role in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman where he stars alongside Shia Labeouf:

That’s quite a strange one. Shia LaBeouf plays a character who travels around the world. It’s quite a drug-fuelled journey and he meets various crazy characters along the way.
I play a character he meets in a youth hostel. I can’t give away what he does but it was quite a transition for me.

The interview is a great read and Rupert offers some nice insights into life on a movie set, you can read the entire interview here!

Remember to check out our extensive coverage of Rupert Grint’s Olympic Torch Relay in our previous post with all the beautiful new pictures and the lovely new interview.

UPDATE: Female First and The Sun are reporting that Rupert will be a guest on Beat TV! It is a music-based entertainment show highlighting the social side of the Olympic Games and revealing what’s happening out and about in London town. We do not know when Rupert will appear on the show, but it premieres tonight on ITV2 at 6:30pm (UK time). We will have more on this as soon as more news surfaces.

UPDATE #2: We have just received word that Rupert will indeed be a guest on Beat TV! He will film his appearance next week on Tuesday August 7. Exciting news, and we can’t wait to see Rupert on this show!

First Picture of Rupert Grint as Cheetah Chrome!

First Picture of Rupert Grint as Cheetah Chrome!July 11, 2012, 7:32am– Rupert Grint is still keeping busy with filming of his new movie CBGB in Savannah and today several people were able to spot the many actors on set while they were getting ready to film.

Stephanie (@steffpittman) has been nice enough to share the picture she was lucky enough to take today. And here we get our very first look at Rupert as Cheetah Chrome as well as Justin Bartha in costume as lead singer of The Dead Boys, Stiv Bators:

What do you all think of Rupert‘s new rock star look? Thank you Stephanie for sharing the picture with us!

Also, Snitchseeker just posted a lengthy interview they did with Rupert on the set of CBGB – check it out here! It’s a great interview about CBGB, The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, The Drummer and even the rumoured project Enemy of Man.

UPDATE: has posted an adorable video of Rupert giving an autograph to one of his young fans. Be sure to click through their slideshow of all the CBGB actors spotted throughout Savannah.
Check out the short video here!

UPDATE #2: Check out these great photos by Bill Dawers of Rupert on the set of CBGB in our gallery here! There are many more pictures as well as a nice story of his day visiting the set on his site right here.

UPDATE #3: Thanks again to Bill Dawers for taking some amazing pictures of Rupert on the set of CBGB! We’ve updated the gallery with them and they’re only a click away.

Rupert Grint: Exciting Tidbits from the Set of CBGB!

Rupert Grint: Exciting Tidbits from the Set of CBGB!July 10, 2012, 11:05am– Today we have an exciting array of various fun tidbits to share with you about Rupert Grint and his role as Cheetah Chrome in CBGB. Rupert has been making a strong impression on some of the extras who were lucky enough to win a part in the Rock’n’Roll biopic.
One of the extras, Liz, was nice enough to provide a lot of information regarding Rupert‘s performance as Cheetah on twitter (@mlizmuller). She wrote that:

Today I got to be pushed by Alan Rickman and @AshleyMGreene , got beer spit on me by Justin Bartha, and saw Rupert Grint drop his pants.

As well as:

He rocks out with Justin Bartha in a dark jacket and no shirt, while making hilarious faces! Accent is American

Very exciting!
Rupert‘s co-star Freddy Rodriguez, who plays Idaho in the film, also posted a picture of himself and some of the cast at a restaurant in Savannah and the picture includes Rupert (with a very appropiate t-shirt), Joel David Moore (Joey Ramone) and Justin Bartha (Stiv Bators) among others.

In completely different news, Into the White has been nominated for an Amanda Award for Best Sound Design. The award ceremony will take place on August 17 in correlation with The Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund. Congratulation and good luck to the entire team behind Into the White!

UPDATE: To make this post even more random, Sugarscape has just released their interview with Rupert and Tom Felton from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The pair is subjected to a difficult Harry Potter quiz and the result can be seen below

First Picture Of Rupert Grint On The Set Of CBGB!

First Picture Of Rupert Grint On The Set Of CBGB!July 07, 2012, 5:41pm–Today a fan got their picture taken with Rupert Grint while on the set of CBGB. She was kind enough to allow us to share it with all of you. You can view that picture in our galleries here. As you can see Rupert has a great new haircut for the film. In case you are wondering we just learned earlier that Rupert flew to Savannah today for filming. We are unsure at this time how long he will be there but we’ll bring you any and all updates when they’re available. So please stay tuned!

(click on the picture for a larger view)

Thanks so very much to Janay!

UPDATE: Sorry guys, I didn’t realize Janay had a second picture of Rupert and his PA. Click here.

UPDATE #2: We have yet another fan picture from Savannah to share with you. This time it was Carly who was lucky enough to meet Rupert in a restaurant. She shared this cute story about their meeting:
“I met him at a restaurant and our waitress told us the guy with red hair is here from Harry Potter and I didn’t believe him at first until I walk past him and it just completely blew my mind that he was sitting there so I asked him for a picture and he was very nice and his British accent was amazing! :)”
Check out the picture here! Thank you Carly for sharing your story and picture with us!

Rupert Grint to talk about the Harry Potter Phenomenon during Olympic Business Series!

Rupert Grint to talk about the Harry Potter Phenomenon during Olympic Business Series!June 29th, 2012, 1:10pm– A new article from Screendaily lists Rupert Grint as one of the speakers at the Creative Content day on July 31 which will highlight the UK industry to global leaders. Rupert will be talking about the Harry Potter phenomenon with producer David Heyman and Josh Berger from Warner Bros. Although this is a closed event for UK and international industry, it is interesting to see how Rupert will help shed light on the UK industry alongside many other prominent and respected people from various branches of creativity.

In other news, both Evan Rachel Wood and writer Matt Drake have tweeted that The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman has officially wrapped. Hopefully this means that more information will become available since it is still unclear who Rupert will play in the film.

While production of CBGB has begun in Savannah, Rupert has not begun work as Cheetah Chrome just yet, and until he arrives on set we can expect him to show up at various events in the UK – The Media Eye tweeted earlier today that Rupert would be attending the Goodwood VIP Party. We have no idea if this is true, but look out for pictures floating around.
If you come across any new pictures, feel free to send an email to 🙂