Rupert Grint on Deathly Hallows Sticker Book and Cherrybomb Feature Screencaps!

October 03, 2010, 8:12pm–We have a few gallery updates for you today. First is Rupert Grint in a “Making Of” Cherrybomb feature that appears on the UK DVD. This is particularly nice as you can see very interesting behind-the-scenes moments and an interview with not only Rupert, but his co-stars Robbie Sheehan and Kimberley Nixon. Along with the directors Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa, the script writer Daragh Carville, and also with cast and crew members including Conor McNeill. You can view those images here.

In other news, with only 46 days left, thanks to UHP we have a look at the Deathly Hallows sticker book that should be coming out soon. You can view that here.

Rave Reviews For Cherrybomb, Wild Target – Plus Vote For Rupert Grint!

September 14th, 2010, 5:01pm–It may have seemed like rave reviews for Rupert Grint‘s non-Potter movies Cherrybomb and Wild Target stopped coming in, but with the diligence of several fans and staffer Anna‘s translation of French reviews for Wild Target, we have several to bring to you – some praising Rupert so much, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear! You can read some below!

Cherrybomb catches the audience as a clever bit of cinema between drama and thriller. Especially with its first-class trio of young actors in which Grint scintillates as a veteran of acting.
A successful change of image.
Conclusion: Well done teen thriller starring grown up Potter-sidekick Grint”

You can read the rest of the Cherrybomb reviews, starting with Attitude Magazine, here at our Rave Reviews site (which recently got its own domain).

“As much as I’m sad to see one of the great franchises, Harry Potter (with the exception of the first two films, which sucked, rot in hell, Chris Columbus) come to a close, it’s really nice to see Rupert Grint free to work on other projects…”

You can read the rest of this Wild Target review and the 6 other ones – starting with Suite 101 – posted here.

In other news, Portrait Magazine has a new poll out listing the most beautiful actors. Rupert is currently very low on the list as we have just learned about it, so please vote for him here. You can also vote for Rupert as the best dressed here with Glamour Magazine!

Thanks Melina, Kathy, Anna and Holly!

Rupert Grint: The Cherrybomb Phenomenon on Filmland

September 5th, 2010, 5:42am– With Rupert Grint‘s film Cherrybomb now available on DVD in the UK and Germany, we have a great article to share with you about “The Cherrybomb Phenomenon”. have just published an article about Rupert Grint, Cherrybomb and the fan campaign behind it, and you should make sure to check it out!

Majbritt not only spoke to Jo about our Cherrybomb campaign and all the fans’ hard work, but also met up with Anna and Karo in London to see Rupert at the Apple Store Q&A two weeks ago. Her article also contains a review of Cherrybomb, and some unpublished details about the campaign.

You can read Filmland’s article here, and find an English translation at the bottom of their page. :)
Thanks to the lovely Miss Sorensen, and we are looking forward to more Rupert buzz from Denmark!

CLOSED: Win Cherrybomb DVDs Signed By Rupert Grint!

September 3rd, 2010, 9:18pm–The lovely folks behind UK promotion of Cherrybomb have graciously given us five Cherrybomb DVDs signed by Rupert Grint himself to give away to the fans! We’re very excited to present this opportunity and we wanted to make it quite easy for everyone who wants to enter. All we’re asking is that you e-mail us! That’s it! The first five people who e-mail us at that they want a signed Cherrybomb DVD will receive one! But please remember that the Cherrybomb DVDs are region 1 and the only way to play them outside of the countries who use region 1 (such as the US, we use region 2) is with a region free DVD player or a computer that’s able to play them! This contest is open to everyone, as you may just want a lovely keepsake instead of worrying about playing the DVD!

Also remember, while they’re not signed, we still have several blu-ray and regular Cherrybomb DVDs from Germany to give away, so stay tuned for more of that as well!

UPDATE: Sorry guys, the contest is closed. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us!

Rupert Grint’s Apple Store Q&A Now Available On ITunes!

August 28th, 2010, 4:19pm–For those of us who could not attend the Q&A session of Rupert Grint’s apple store appearance to promote the UK DVD release of Cherrybomb, fear not! ITunes has officially released the session and you can get it either by going through your own ITunes or by going here to access it through Itunes. If you missed it, Rupert talks about a great deal of things and you also get to see the fans sing happy birthday to him!

We also have more pictures and such coming up later on today from Andy who took a great deal of photos and is sharing them exclusively with ICM. Stay tuned!

Thanks Laura for the tip!