Two New Cherrybomb Clips Featuring Rupert Grint!

Two New Cherrybomb Clips Featuring Rupert Grint!April 21st, 2010, 1:14am–Yahoo! Movies UK was given, by Blue Dolphin, two exclusive Cherrybomb clips, both featuring Rupert Grint! In the first clip we see Malachy trying to find the exact outfit to wear out for a night on the town when his mother comes in boasting about his grades for school while an annoyed Luke (Robert Sheehan) looks on! In the second clip Malachy and Luke talk about how much Michelle (Kimberley Nixon) likes them, promoting her to ask “Who says I like either one of you?” and then they proceed to the dance floor!

You can watch both of these clips here.

Update: We have just added excellent quality clips to the Cherrybomb You-tube channel! Enjoy!!!

Malachy, Luke and Michelle at the Lifeboat!

And second clip is of Malachy getting dressed as he and Luke get ready for the Lifeboat!

Rupert Grint To Be Featured In Nylon Magazine!

Rupert Grint To Be Featured In Nylon Magazine!April 20th, 2010, 3:40pm–News just keeps on coming! This time the news is that Rupert Grint will be featured in Nylon Magazine’s 2010 Young Hollywood issue which will be this coming May’s issue! You can read all about it here. Rupert is featured in the first few seconds of the video being photographed in a blue cardigan next to two acoustic guitars. He will be featured along some of Hollywood’s youngest and brightest stars and we can’t wait to see the feature! We’ll have more as soon as we can. Thanks to Josh for the tip!

And we also added more MQ images from last night’s Cherrybomb screening which you can view here. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Just a couple of site updates. First, I’ve updated the reviews section with a few more CB reviews here. We also have very good audio of Rupert’s interview with Dermot O’Leary yesterday which you can download here.

Rupert Grint: New Photos, Interview and Cherrybomb Review!

Rupert Grint: New Photos, Interview and Cherrybomb Review! April 20th, 2010, 11:55am–It doesn’t look like we’ll have any time off because we have some more Rupert Grint news with Cherrybomb. First up is an interview with Instyle Magazine UK. In it, Rupert talks about the sex scene (he didn’t know where to put his hands!) and among other things. You can read all about it here!

PopSugar also has some exclusive photos of Rupert at the Cherrybomb screening yesterday along with his co-stars Kimberley Nixon and Robert Sheehan and you can see those here.

Speaking of photos, you can see new HQ ones in our gallery here!

Lastly, but not least, a new review praising Rupert’s performance in Cherrybomb from Time Out London.

‘Harry Potter’ stalwart Rupert Grint confirms he has the acting chops for the long haul
Right down to the impeccable Ulster accent, Grint is note perfect

You can read the entire review here.

Thanks Marite and InStyle!

Rupert Grint Nominated For National Movie Award Plus New Photos!

Rupert Grint Nominated For National Movie Award Plus New Photos!
April 20th, 2010, 1:38am–Online entertainment news source have just published an article reporting that Rupert Grint along with his Harry Potter co-stars Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are all nominated for performance of the year at the National Movie Awards 2010! Voting is open to the public but you will need to vote in each category to get to Rupert!Let’s do this guys and try and get him this win!VOTE HERE!

And as promised we have added new HQ photos of Rupert Grint from the private screening of Cherrybomb which was held last night in London to honor the cast! These first shots are of Rupert as he is arriving at the “Beaufort House” where the event took place! And thanks to our friends at Oclumencia we have a few more that include Rupert Grint, Robert Sheehan and Kimberley Nixon comfortably posing together for the press! I should have another big update on photos sometime this week. And we are consistently adding MQ photos for you as well.  And check out the HQ’s by clicking on the nice little photo below! 🙂

And one more nice treat is thanks to Julie for letting us know that there is a shot of Rupert SINGING at the Groucho club. And he has a pink microphone! Now what do we think of that? Cutest thing ever. It’s available on Flickr thanks to Kaye Blegvad who was lucky enough to attend and hear him sing! View it by clicking below!!

Rupert Grint To Appear On GMTV This Friday!

Rupert Grint To Appear On GMTV This Friday!April 19th, 2010, 5:44pm–As he continues to promote Cherrybomb, Rupert Grint will be on UK television show GMTV this Friday! We will have video and other such things as soon as it is available. Rupert will be on during the 7:00am-9:25am block. You can read all about it here including what else will be featured on the show. I’m sure this is just the start of many interviews to come with Cherrybomb hitting UK theaters the same day! Many thanks to Laura!

And keep checking back as we will be adding HQ photos of Rupert from the exclusive private screening held for him and his Cherrybomb co-stars!