Birthday Countdown: 2013


Did you know…

The MOJO Premiere was the first time the entire current staff team attended an event live and together.

A look back…

Mojo Programm ICM142013 started with the International Premiere of The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman at the Berlinale Film Festival. The Ice Cream Man staff assembled to attend the Premiere, to review the film and to sit down with Rupert for yet another exclusive interview.
The daily work continued on the site with a new layout, several updates on the subsites, and news about the CBS pilot Super Clyde, the animated film Foosball and the feature film Enemy of Man.
After several months of work, a new section was introduced to the Biography: The Rupert Grint Timeline was created.
In October, the entire staff team came to London to support Rupert at his stage debut, witnessing his impressive first theatrical performance for Mojo.

TimelineWhen we launched Rupert Grint Biography in 2011, one section was not quite finished. It took us another two years to find a satisfying way to create the Rupert Grint Timeline. The idea was to create a simple overview of the important dates in Rupert’s professional life and to link to the corresponding areas on our other subsites.
The Timeline was published on 27 January 2013, containing now over 350 dates for filming, premieres, confirmations, promotion days, photoshoots, charity events, award ceremonies and other events on just one single page.

Malene’s story:

Malene (3)My name is Malene and I’m from a tiny flat country called Denmark. I’m 27 years old and currently looking for a steady job after finishing a Master’s degree at University in English and Comparative Literature.

My road to Rupertland was a gradual process, which probably started when I randomly saw some pictures from a premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’ve always enjoyed the Harry Potter films and books, but I was never a hardcore fan – but all of a sudden I was drawn to this longhaired ginger fella who looked so cool and unfazed by all the stardom hype. When I later found myself spending an entire evening studying (lovely HQ) pictures from the 2006 BAFTA awards, I knew I was hooked.

I later discovered and particularly the forums had me spending hours and hours on the site. I think I joined the forums at the peak of fun and it was great discussing all things Rupert with people from around the world. I was never the most outspoken member and I tended to shy away from the heavy discussions, but we always found a common ground when it came to Rupert.
I gradually started to take a greater interest in the behind-the-scenes work happening on and was amazed at the exclusive coverage that we, the fans, were being spoiled with by the amazing staffers. I found myself e-mailing them news tips more and more and wanting to help out and make the site the #1 Rupert site for fans. I convinced my sister to become a staffer when the site needed help (and I was too busy with my studies to become a full-fledged staffer), and I tried to help as much as possible with translations of Norwegian articles when Rupert was filming Into the White. I became an official staffer in April 2012 and I love working on
the site and I 100% think we have the awesomest Rupert Grint fansite at the moment – we work our asses off to get news out as fast as possible and get some exclusive goodies for all the fans.

Malene (4)My role on the site is mainly finding news and writing the news posts on the main site. Since I enjoy getting news on Rupert (especially news about new projects can make me giddy as a school girl again), it’s fun work for me to find, research, get confirmation and post news for all the fans. I also help keep the gallery, rave reviews and quotes section updated. The most fun and challenging part of the job is getting the exclusive interviews with Rupert. It’s tough getting everything organized and a lot of the time we have to be extremely patient for a long time and then be ready for action in no time at all. But all the stress and nail-biting goes away when we finally have the opportunity to actually get an interview with Rupert who is always a complete sweetheart.

I have experienced a lot of amazing things being a staffer and it’s almost unreal to think about some of the things I’ve been lucky enough to have been a part of. So far, my favourite experience was the whole Berlinale weekend with the girls, which was filled with all things Rupert, Charlie Countryman and laughing so much while driving around Berlin that we all had a tummy ache afterwards. We had such a fun time and the cherry on top was being able to sit down with Rupert for 20 minutes for an interview.

FAMILYOther highlights include:
– Meeting Rupert for the first time in 2010 at the Cherrybomb meet and greet (I’m forever grateful to the girls for letting me come along to this event – it’s probably the reason I’m a staffer today).
Interviewing Rupert over the phone
– Meeting Rupert several times while visiting London to see Mojo and just casually talking to him about being a tourist in London and the weather.
– Sitting down with Petter Næss a couple of times to talk about Into the White and him showing us clips from the movie, which at that time were a long way away from being released, as well as behind-the-scenes pictures from his private collection of Rupert on set.
– Seeing the actual plane they used in Into the White on a remote mountaintop in Norway and visiting the hotel where the entire cast and crew stayed.

I’m extremely happy to be a staffer at during this 10 year anniversary and I hope to have many more years as a staffer – I can only imagine a bright future for the site while we follow all the new and exciting projects awaiting.

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