Birthday Countdown: 2012


Did you know…

The busiest days on the site (traffic-wise) were the premieres of Into the White, Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Cherrybomb (in descending order)

A look back…

OsloIn 2012, the Into the White exclusives continued with interviews with costars David Kross and Stig Henrik Hoff, as well as costume designer Steffi Bruhn, who gave us lots of great inside infos and an exclusive look behind the scenes. More came from the film’s World Premiere in Oslo, including another interview with Rupert himself and our first Photo Interview.
Less than a month later, Ice Cream Man attended the Press Day and the Grand Opening of the Warner Bros Studio Tour in Leavesden.
P1010616The site was present when Rupert carried the Olympic torch on its way to the London 2012 Olympic Games on 25 July, where he exclusively revealed which character he voiced in an episode of American Dad.
Our staff held an exclusive phone interview with Rupert in September, in which he revealed that he had a birth mark in the shape of Australia on his side.
ExclusivesWhile keeping up with the news about Charlie Countryman, CBGB and We Are Aliens, work was completed on a new section to highlight our efforts, and on 30 December, Ice Cream Man Exclusives was finally published.

ExclusivesOver the course of the years, we had assembled a huge number of Exclusives, so that after the eventful Cherrybomb experience, the idea was born to create a special place for them. It took us three years, during which we were busy collecting more and more exclusive interviews, reports, reviews and media, until we could finally launch Exclusives on 30 December 2012. We were also lucky to finally use our own self-taken pictures for the layout, and created a separate Youtube account for our own videos.
Attending an event on behalf of the site is always one of the highlights of being a staff member, and with the Exclusives containing so many amazing personal memories, it is one of our most-beloved subsites and a big motivation to continue with our work. We hope this site will continue to grow, and that you fans will continue to share your personal experiences with us.

Majbritt’s story:

Majbritt (1)The name is Majbritt – and I am from Skanderborg, Denmark. Who am I? I’m a film enthusiast and this was also part of my gateway into the world of Rupert Grint and
The absolute main reason for my introduction to this ginger universe was my sister, Malene, who followed the site and helped the staffers occasionally. We met up with some of the girls in London during Rupert’s promotional work for Cherrybomb. One day, she told me that the girls needed an extra staffer. And I thought… what a great way to combine my interest in film, get experience for my CV – and it didn’t hurt that Rupert is the loveliest guy and the most talented actor. I love the Harry Potter films, and always have, but I have a serious weakness for independent films, and Rupert’s projects were going in a very interesting direction.

I joined the site as a proper staffer in 2011, and I’ve since taken a step back from the work, but I still consider myself a freelancer, and will be happy to help out whenever possible. The site is still the no. 1 Rupert site out there – without a shadow of a doubt, and I have had some of the best moments with the girls. Hopefully, I’ll have many more to come. 🙂

Majbritt (3)My jobs on was primarily writing news and giving updates from events, writing reports and occasionally doing interviews with Rupert himself and co-stars, directors etc. To me, personally, the site represents friendship across borders with a common interest in Rupert – but it’s been great to see how the girls have made room for someone like me, who has a different approach to the world of Rupert. I didn’t start out as a fan – I approached the whole thing with a lot more academically. But there is absolutely no doubt that I’ve become a fan doing the work for the site –and having had the experiences that I have. In more general terms, the site represents a community which is carried on by the passion of a few girls – and by the voice of many fans across the world. It’s quite spectacular when you think about it. 🙂

Majbritt (2)My personal highlights from working on the site… wow. There are so many of them… but to pick my top 5, I’d have to go with:
1. Interviewing Rupert at Berlinale when he was promoting The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman
2. Experiencing Rupert taking his acting to a whole new level in the play, Mojo, in London, and running into him many times (some “by accident”, and some not)
3. Interviewing director Petter Næss at Stockholm Film Festival when he was there
to discuss Into the White (then: Comrade)
4. Interviewing Rupert over the phone
5. Cherrybomb Q&A with Rupert at the Apple Store in London
I can’t wait to have many more experiences with not only Rupert himself – but also the girls who I consider to be good friends of mine after all our experiences and talks throughout the years.

All the Ginger love in the world,

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