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We are nowadays using the abbreviation “” because “ICM” is copyrighted by a talent agency.

A look back…

The site continued to grow: The Filmography Site was expanded on 4 January by adding more information about the projects. In late 2010, the Press and History sites had been deleted as an act of treason, and had to be reinstated. The Press Site returned on 29 January, while the History page was started from scratch and was relaunched on 2 June as Rupert Grint Biography with an extensive biography and more details, quotes and work information than the original version.


The summer was dedicated to the final Harry Potter film, with Ice Cream Man bringing in exclusives from the launch of the Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD, and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 promotion at the Photo Exhibition Opening in Amsterdam and the premieres in both London and New York.
StockholmThree staff members came together to celebrate Rupert’s birthday at his Birthday Party and Meet&Greet at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas, and supported him in London at Top Gear Live.
Ice Cream Man also covered Rupert’s next film Into the White with exclusive interviews with co-star Florian Lukas, director Petter Naess, composer Nils Petter Molvaer and makeup artist Kitty Kratschke. The staff were present at the Work In Progress presentation of the film in Stockholm, and visited the original filming locations in Grotli, Norway.

Press siteWith Rupert getting more and more attention in the media we decided to start archiving articles, interviews, press conferences transcripts and many more. On 29 September 2009, Rupert Grint Press finally launched after a huge amount of collecting, translating, transcribing and editing.
After losing the entire contents in late 2010, we worked hard to recollect everything and proudly re-launched Rupert Grint Press on 29 January 2011, bigger and better than ever, with a new menu, and until today it is the most extensive archive in the World Wide Web about Rupert Grint.

Kathy’s story:

Kathy (2)My name is Kathy, I am 29 years old and I live in buzzing Berlin where I teach Science, English and Arts at a primary school. It’s hard to declare an exact time, when I became a Rupert Grint fan, probably since the beginning but who can really tell. Maybe it was the moment this cute little guy with a mouth full of sweets and dirt on his nose introduced himself as “Ron Weasley” or it was later on, when the same boy looked resolutely into the air and said bravely “And I am the knight!” *hellolittlehero*

With it is definitely easier. Due to my hometown Berlin, I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Cherrybomb premiere at the Berlinale 2009 where I met Karo and some other staffmembers at the red carpet. I wasn’t a very interactive fan until then, so I’d never heard of before, but Karo asked me to write a review of Cherrybomb and it sounded like fun. After that I was a daily visitor at the forum, met some very nice people there and in 2011, after finishing my education, I finally became a staffmember, with a little pushing from Karo, who promised I would not regret it, which I can honestly say I never did.

My main job at the site is keeping the press site and the bio updated and covering Rupert related events live at the locations or at home in front of the PC. Of course being live at an event is a lot more fun. In the past three years I met Rupert a few times, did interviews with some remarkable people, who have worked with him, and travelled around the world to attend exciting events, so being at the premiere of Cherrybomb and meeting the staff was definitely a life-changing moment in an awesome, joyful way.

Naming a highlight is an extreme difficult task. The whole work for Into The White was definitely one of it. I had a lot of fun meeting all the cast- and crewmembers during the process, specially sitting down with the costume designer Steffi Bruhn, who is such a lovely person and took so much time to tell us everything we wanted to know, and attending the premiere in Oslo with one of the cast members smuggling us into the after-show party with a casual “These girls belong to me.” was pretty damn cool. (Especially with him meeting us random at a restaurant hours before the premiere and telling us he already saw us at the mall, but we didn’t hear him shouting after us. *feltsospecial*)

Kathy (1)But I also always love to meet my other staffmembers who really became my friends and who share the same passion and the ambition to stay as the No.1 Rupert Grint fansite (which I totally believe we are) and it is a lot of fun every time we come together. My personal highlight was last year, when we met to cover the Charlie Countryman premiere at the Berlinale and the girls stayed at my home for a couple of days. We had an awesome time together, topped by a great interview with Rupert at the end. is a delightful part of my life and it is a nice balance with my sometimes very stressful job. It gave me great memories and the chance to meet some amazing friends, so hopefully we raise our glass to another ten years and maybe more!

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