Birthday Countdown: 2005


Did you know…

The staffers have stood on 22 different Red Carpets to support Rupert (one of them was actually black)

A look back…

ICM4aTagChatIn January 2005, Ice Cream Man started expanding in its new home. The gallery, which had previously consisted of images uploaded to a pre-built webpage, was re-done with Coppermine, with images now sorted into categories. At the same time, the tagboard chat system located in the sidebar, was converted into an actual forum using phpBB.


maymonthawardrgfOn 1 March 2005, Ice Cream Man reached the 2,000 hits mark after only being online for a few short months and received its first web award from the now defunct RGF website. It was one of many awards that the site received over the next few years.
With the release of Goblet of Fire, the first premiere since the creation of Ice Cream Man took place in November, and up until now, it remains the only non-animated feature film of Rupert that was not covered by one of our staff members at a premiere.

GalleryThe first subsite we had was the Gallery, which was created to be the place where fans could find all images of Rupert Grint. Over the years, the Gallery grew, eventually also containing High Quality images and our own Exclusives.
In April 2009, the entire Gallery had to be started from scratch after a complete crash, and we re-sorted the categories and subfolders into a new, easier-to-navigate order. You’ll find the pics sorted into categories like Rupert’s films, other projects or official appearances, and it is also the place to find images of merchandise, screencaps and many more.

Jesi’s story:

Hi! I’m well known to the fandom simply as Jesi and I’m from the Philippines. Like many, I started as a fan of the Harry Potter books. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the movies but let’s just say that I became a bigger fan of Rupert Grint than all of the HP books and movies combined. I was such a BIG fan that I wasn’t contented on just being an ordinary fan. I wanted to be a part of something bigger that would help spread the love of Rupert Grint, and somehow make Rupert Grint himself be aware of it and feel the love.

Since the beginning, has been my favorite among all the Rupert Grint fansites that mushroomed all over the www since the first HP movie. I loved that news was always the most up-to-date and how it was dedicated solely to Rupert Grint. I just love that made it a policy to feature Rupert Grint news only, because… hey, why would I look for general Harry Potter news in a Rupert Grint site when I can easily get that in other HP-dedicated sites?!

Jesi (1)Anyway, I also felt kindred with other staffers when I discovered that we like almost all the same things, have the same opinions about almost everything, and agree on the same things, so I happily joined as a staff member. My job at the site was posting the latest news and pictures about Rupert Grint. There’s always a mad scramble to get a scoop.. that unavoidable competition to be the first to post, and it was always very exciting!

I was especially interested in posting about the reviews on Rupert’s acting from movie critics because I wasn’t alone in noticing that among the 3 lead stars of the HP movies, it was Rupert who was actually getting the most number of positive reviews and praises for his acting. This was how the “Rupert Rave Reviews” section was born at – I proposed this section to Tao and I was so happy that Tao granted permission to have this section at the site.

Jesi (2)Another wonderful opportunity I had is to draft the original biography of Rupert Grint on I wanted it to be the most comprehensive Rupert Grint bio online, and I knew I could do it because I was practically a walking encyclopedia on everything about Rupert – from his charitable works and activities, to where you can find his baby pictures and rare pictures of him with his family, and just about every little piece of trivia about Rupert. I was so happy that Tao allowed me to be the original author of this project, which has since been constantly updated by fellow staffers.

I’d like to thank Tao and all past and current staffers for allowing these sections (rave reviews and bio) to keep going, and for always keeping it updated. You all do a great job at it 🙂 means a lot to me because it represents Rupert Grint beyond Harry Potter. I look at it as the proof that Rupert Grint’s career goes on after all the Harry Potter books and movies have been released. I want to continue following Rupert Grint’s career, and all the movies and other projects he will do thereafter. I still want to get news about him until the time he gets married and have kids and all – and I know that as long as is there, I can always keep in touch and get updates about my favorite star of all time, Rupert Grint.

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Parade 2009
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Sunday Times 2010
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THAT Magazine 2011
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Attitude Magazine 2011
Attitude 2011

Hunger Magazine 2013
Hunger Magazine 2013

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  • Hunger Magazine 2013 (9%, 3 Votes)
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  • Sunday Times 2010 (6%, 2 Votes)
  • Parade 2006 (6%, 2 Votes)
  • FHM 2009 (6%, 2 Votes)
  • THAT Magazine 2011 (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Daily Mail 2009 (0%, 0 Votes)
  • NO Magazine 2010 (0%, 0 Votes)

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