Happy New Year!

Rupert Grint in New York where he is appearing on Broadway in It's Only a Play.Happy New Year!December 31st, 6:00pm–It’s that time of year again! For the past few years we have ended the year with a news post discussing Rupert Grint‘s year and what next year will bring as well as Ice Cream Man’s year and what we hope to have coming in the next year. It’s quite an exciting time to go back over everything that’s happened the past year and we hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane with us. Happy New Year! Click ‘read more’ to continue!

The neat thing about 2014 for Rupert Grint is that the year started on stage and ends on stage. Rupert began the year playing Sweets in Mojo on the West End and will end his run as Sir Frank Finger in It’s Only A Play just a few days after the new year. Rupert played Sweets from October 2013 to February 2014 and played Sir Frank Finger from August 2014 to January 2015. Rupert had a pretty amazing year in between.

February was an awesome month as Rupert was awarded Best Newcomer at the What’s On Stage awards! It’s a great honored voted on by the fans. He and his Harry Potter co-star, Daniel Radcliffe, also had a mini reunion as Dan also received an award that night.

In early March a movie that Rupert has been involved in called Enemy of Man launched a successful Kickstarter campaign. Fans of Rupert, as well as fans of other actors in the film, including Sean Bean, threw their support – and money – behind it. We were treated to a glimpse of “The Instruments of Darkness” – a short concept film to show potential producers what the film would look like.

After Mojo ended Rupert found time to promote Postman Pat: The Movie where he lent his voice to Josh, a boy band star. Rupert went on a radio tour to promote the film where he did a dramatic reading of One Direction song “You and I,” sang the Postman Pat theme song, and we get a snippet of a song Rupert sang for the soundtrack! It was an original tune done specifically for the movie called “Lightning.”

After his whirlwind radio media tour, Rupert jetted off to Belgium to film Moonwalkers alongside Ron Perlman and his Cherrybomb co-star Robert Sheehan. It was at this time we got an exclusive interview with Rupert, but more on that later! Have you checked out our gallery with all the amazing onset pictures from this movie? We get to see Rupert with large sideburns, bell-bottom pants, polyester suits and, elevator shoes!

It was at this time we learned that Rupert will be making his Broadway debut in It’s Only A Play alongside heavy hitters Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, F. Murray Abraham, Stockard Channing and Megan Mullally. The play, and Rupert, opened to many rave reviews and broke Broadway box office records! However, Rupert’s other commitments kept him from continuing on with the role through March.

In early August, before It’s Only A Play hit Broadway, another movie Rupert lent his voice to was a film called The Unbeatables along side Anthony Stewart Head. A redubbing of another film titled Foosball.

It may seem small in comparison to other years, but Rupert’s been busy on stage and in filming. But 2015 is sure to be another amazing year!

What happens in 2015? A few more days of It’s Only A Play kicks off the new year. Moonwalkers is slated to be released (no official date) and Enemy of Man may kick off this year. We’re sure that there will be many other things to come from Rupert this year, and we can’t wait to start the journey!

Just as Rupert had an amazing year on and off stage, Ice Cream Man too had quite the year. Of course the biggest one would be that we turned 10 this past July! We celebrated by interviewing past and present staff members who gave us wonderful accounts of working on the site as well as memories of Rupert (whether meeting him, or just something he did over the course of them as a fan). We unearthed some early versions of the website, talked about our favorite parts of the site, and the best thing? Our very own interview with Rupert for the birthday!

And while we unfortunately did not get the chance to meet Rupert while he has been on Broadway, all current staff members did have the chance to watch him as Sir Frank Finger!

We were so excited for how 2014 turned out for Rupert and Ice Cream Man celebrating 10 years online. We hope that 2015 is just as great! Everyone here at RG.US wish you, Rupert and the rest of the Grint family, a very Happy New Year!

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