Q & A with Rupert Grint in Empire Magazine

RupertNewsIconQ & A with Rupert Grint in Empire MagazineJuly 11th, 2014, 1:55pm– In this month issue Empire Magazine sat down with Rupert Grint to do one of their typical “How much is a pint of milk?“-interviews.

If you wanna find out which movie Rupert can quote word for word or how famous he sees himself on a scale of one to ten you just need to take a look at our gallery here or just click the scan below:

Don’t forget to check our latest birthday post. Today we’ve reached the year 2008 and we promise there still are some awesome things to come.


UPDATE: HQ photos of Rupert in NYC on July 2nd here and finally HQ photos of Rupert at the Grand Prix here!

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