Happy New Year!

Rupert GrintHappy New Year!December 31st, 2013, 6:10pm–It’s that time of year where we look back at what a great year it has been for Rupert Grint and our website. First off, don’t forget to check the post below with the lovely interview of Rupert and Daniel Mays discussing Mojo and more! And check out the side bar where staffer Karo has put together some of the bigger moments of 2013. Everyone here at rupert-grint.us wishes you a very happy new year. We hope 2013 was great to you and that 2014 is even better! Please click the ‘read more’ tag for a look back on 2013 and a look ahead at 2014!

The beginning of the year started off nice with the announcement of a US and German release dates for Into The White. And equally exciting announcement for The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (also known as Charlie Countryman in the US) would find a European premiere at The Berlinale Film Festval as well as the US premiere of the movie at the Sundance Film Festival. While Rupert did not attend the later, he was apart of the premiere event in Berlin. We also got our first look of Rupert as Cheetah Chrome in CBGB in the month of January.

February kicked off just as exciting as it was announced that Rupert will be staring in the CBS pilot “Super Clyde.” While ultimately it did not get picked up, fans were lucky enough to get to see it when CBS uncharacteristically uploaded it to their website for viewing. It attracted tons of critical acclaim, including much admiration for Rupert’s portrayal as Clyde.

During the next few months news settled down though we did get a bunch of CBGB promotional items and many onset looks of Rupert on the Super Clyde set. Rupert also attended British Animal Honors which honors the country’s most extraordinary animals and those who dedicate their lives to said animals. That’s not the only charity events Rupert attended. He did many fundraisers which also doubled as gigs to support his sister as well as another round of golf in the shooting stars benifit.

July was an incredible month where we learned that Rupert would be making his stage debut! It was announced on July 25th that he would be taking part in the play Mojo playing petty crook Sweets. Tickets went on sale in the same month with previews having started on October 26th. The play opened up officially in November to rave reviews.

August was the month of CBGB! We got our first glimpse of Rupert in the movie with his american accent and his – well – bottom. Rupert did an array of interviews for the film and participated in many photoshoots.

September brought us two new big project news: First would be the confirmation of Rupert Grint in Enemy of Man a retelling of MacBeth. We also learned that Rupert leant his voice to an English speaking version of the 3D movie Foosball. Rupert also began rehearsals for Mojo.

October was a lovely month with the opening preview night of Mojo. But not only that, we were treated to a lot of interviews for CBGB, a trailer for Charlie Countryman, Super Clyde finally online, and Mojo rehearsal pictures.

November was mainly dedicated to Mojo finally getting our first pictures from the play. But we also got a lovely treat of Rupert and Daniel Mays attending opening press night with shirts saying: “The fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high.” A line from their double talk in the play.

Finally in September Rupert was nominated in the What’s On Stage awards as best newcomer to the West End. His fellow cast mates, Ben Winshaw and Daniel Mays were nominated for best actor and best supporting actor respectively. Mojo was nominated as best revival. The cast also took part in Theater Aid singing Do They Know It’s Christmas. A song originally from Band Aid which brought together some of the biggest 80s icons. In other charity news, Rupert donated a signed pair of shoes and attended the Christmas Party of the Starlight Children’s Charity.

Rupert’s year was filled with great roles, fun times, charity, and rave reviews. And of course 2014 looks just as promising with the start of Enemy of Man after Mojo ends its run on February 8th. The hopeful soon release of Foosball (no date has been given) and maybe-someday-we’ll-see-it release of Postman Pat. And I’m sure Rupert will continue his charity work.

Ice Cream Man also had a stellar year. Getting an exclusive interview with Rupert in Berlin while he was promoting Charlie Countryman. We also were lucky enough to be able to get a group photo with Rupert on opening night of previews for Mojo and get a few comments about his new found love for the stage. We also brought you a brand new layout not only for the main website but for the filmography site.

We’re sure as 2014 rolls around we too will have a great year. Did you know this website turns 10 in July?! It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years. I have loved every minute of bringing this website to every Rupert fan. I love my dedicated and amazing staff. Getting to meet everyone in October was one of the best highlights of the year. And here is to another 10 years for the website and Rupert and beyond!

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January 1st, 2014 at 4:08 AM

Yes, a very happy new year to everyone!

2013 was pretty awesome, and Rupert on stage was defo unique 🙂
Let’s see what 2014 has in store…

January 1st, 2014 at 5:02 AM

Wow, it’s been ten years, has it? Well, congratulations and keep up the good work! To at least ten more! 😉
And a Happy New Year to your lovely team. 🙂