Rupert Grint: A brand new poster for Comrade!

Rupert Grint: A brand new poster for Comrade!September 12th, 2011, 2:10PM– Another piece of exclusive news has landed at our feet here at ICM, and as always we are extremely excited to show you all.

TrustNordisk has just released a ‘Teaser Sheet’, and it shows us a preliminary poster for the new Rupert Grint film, Comrade. Along with the poster is the so-called teaser sheet where you can see pictures of the cast – including of course Rupert Grint – as well as the Norwegian director Petter Næss and his filmography.

Click here for a bigger version of the poster as well as the teaser sheet in our ever-expanding Comrade-Gallery 🙂

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September 15th, 2011 at 6:48 AM

Thank you for the link Patricia! I have to admit that this picture satisfies some deep desire I have to really see Ron and Hermione’s kiss. As lovely as the back of Rupert’s head is I was so disappointed that was all we saw during that much anticipated kiss. I mean we saw Harry and Cho pretty much tounging each other and honestly who cares about Cho…lol. So lets hope the picture is genuine…because it’s lovely 🙂

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